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The Paros Foundation underwrites all administrative and overhead costs allowing 100% of all donor contributions to go directly towards projects and supported organizations.

Donations to The Paros Foundation Projects for Prosperity are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. To sponsor a project through The Paros Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization (Tax ID 20-5094630), or learn more about specific projects in need of funding, please contact us using the information below.


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Press Releases

The Paros Foundation is Launching the Reconstruction of Nine Homes in Artsakh to Help Address the Housing Crisis

Paros team meets with Artsakh President to discuss housing needs.

Homes are being built in three areas, in the city of Mardakert, the village of Maghavus and Artsakh’s capital, Stepanakert. Once rebuilt, each of these homes will be given to a family selected by The Paros Foundation from the many families displaced by the war and the subsequent loss of territory.  

“Following the war and subsequent repatriation of displaced families from Artsakh, who had taken refuge in Armenia during the war, it became evident that Artsakh has a tremendous housing shortage for their population. It is critical that we help these families get into permanent homes as soon as possible to give them some stability,” said Peter Abajian, Executive Director.

These homes are being reconstructed through the initiative and generous support of the Dombalagian Family, who are very passionate about the need to help Artsakh and Artsakh families.

“My father always felt that it was very important for us to help the people of Artsakh maintain their roots in these historic lands. “In his memory, I am pleased that my family is leading this effort through The Paros Foundation in Artsakh, and I would encourage others to join,” said Hasmik Dombalagian

Following the 2020 war in Artsakh, The Paros Foundation launched a resettlement program as part of the Armenian Resettlement Coalition. Through this coalition, 17 families will have been resettled into new homes by the end of this year in Armenia. In addition to these 17 homes, Paros directly has resettled two more families into Armenia bringing the total to 19. Now with construction moving forward in Artsakh on nine homes, this brings the total to 28 homes in Armenia and Artsakh that The Paros Foundation and its family of donors are or have built through its Emergency and Relief Reconstruction Fund-Artsakh.

“There are still hundreds of families in both Armenia and Artsakh that were displaced by the war and need permanent housing. We will continue to build and reconstruct homes as funding from our generous donors provides,” said Abajian.

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Armenian Resettlement Coalition Moves 4th & 5th Family From Artsakh to New

Meet the Avetisyan & Manukyan families, the 4th & 5th family from Artsakh to be relocated to Mets Masrik as part of our Armenian Resettlement Coalition.

The Avetisyan Family

Armen Avetisyan went down to the front lines in September 2020 when the war broke out, and returned to his family missing. He later found out that Liza and their four sons escaped from the Chapar-Martakert region of Artsakh to Vardenis with other villagers. The family is now reunited and is looking forward to a fresh start in a new community, where they will farm with a few of the animals they were able to escape with.

The Manukyan Family
Armen Manukyan also was at the front lines in 2020 as a contract soldier. Once the war broke out, Armen’s wife and 7 children escaped to Vardenis with other villagers. Shortly after Armen returned to their home, gathered as many of their belongings as possible and fled with his family. Armen and his family are looking forward to a fresh start in the village of Mets Masrik in their new home and community.

Leading Armenia & diaspora-based community organizations, Focus On Children Now, Teach For Armenia, and The Paros Foundation, have banded together to form the Armenian Resettlement Coalition to immediately address thousands of Armenian families displaced from the Artsakh war who wish to permanently remain in Armenia.

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Enhancing the Border Village of Aygepar

The village of Aygepar in the Tavush region has suffered greatly due to its proximity to Azerbaijan. Through our various projects like the Emergency Reconstruction Fund, and the Aygepar Business Incubator, we are working to enhance this region.

We are raising $50,000 to complete the renovation of the 24-unit residential building in the village of Aygepar.


In July 2020, the residents of Aygepar were woken up by bombs falling into their homes. With their proximity to Azerbaijan, their worst nightmare quickly became a reality. In response to this attack, The Paros Foundation made sure to repair the kindergarten, as well as deciding to renovate an entire residential complex adjacent to the kindergarten. Since then, the renovation to the interiors of the units have been completed, but there is still more work to do. As villagers feel more secure and stable in Aygepar, they will be less likely to consider abandoning their homes and moving elsewhere.

Join us in enhancing the border village of Aygepar!


Our work to enhance the border village of Aygepar is multifaceted. Our main goal is to create a vibrant village, so that residents are encouraged to stay and thrive, rather than flee to other areas or countries.

To further this mission, we have created the Aygepar Business Incubator. Our goal with this is to create an economy of scale where businesses can be housed rent free, have help with marketing, trade routes, and ultimately a viable and thriving business. By creating a safe place for these residents to live and a place for them to grow financially, we are sure Aygepar will become a thriving border village.

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Gyumri: Ending the Cycle of Poverty

Following the 1988 Spitak Earthquake, thousands of people were left homeless in the city of Gyumri. Many of these families took refuge in the overseas shipping containers (domiks) that were shipped into Armenia loaded with humanitarian relief supplies. Although more than a quarter century has passed since the earthquake, this depressive reality still remains. Currently, more than 1,800 families still live in domiks scattered throughout Gyumri in extreme poverty. Many of them are unable to provide for their families’ needs including warm clothes, nutritious food, heat and electricity for their homes and other basic necessities.
Through our many humanitarian projects in Gyumri we are working to end the cycle of poverty. Join us as we make a difference in the second largest city in Armenia through our Purchase-A-Home initiative!
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SERVICE Armenia 2022 – Summer

This trip will be two weeks with the same programming as past years. Participants aged 17-23 will serve, tour, and play in Armenia. Participant fees are $1,800 per person including a $400 charitable contribution, not including airfare.

Press Releases

Newest Component of the Assarian Vocational Training Program Launched in Gyumri

Dr. & Mrs. Gary & Linda Assarian have a mission to empower people and get them to work. With their support, the Hianali Beauty Center was launched last month both as a high-end, high-quality beauty center and as a training program free-of-charge, for people wishing to work in the beauty services sector in Gyumri.

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Video of Soldier Families Moving into New Home From The Atamian Family


Jean-Marie and Lori Atamian sponsored the reconstruction of two new homes in the village of Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur for families of soldiers defending our borders. Please consider investing in similar programs to strengthen our border communities and help these communities thrive.

Click the video to join the festivities as we cut the ribbon on these new homes for the  Avagyan and Vardanyan families.

The Paros Foundation launched its Prosperity on the Border initiative in 2015 to help significantly improve conditions in border communities. To date, The Paros Foundation has implemented infrastructure projects in 12 border communities in Tavush. Following the 2020 war, the foundation purchased, renovated, and resettled seven displaced families from Artsakh into new homes in the village of Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur as part of the Armenia Resettlement Coalition.

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Atamian Family Continues to Sponsor Home Reconstruction in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur

Home Reconstruction Continuing in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur with the Continued Sponsorship of the Atamian Family

The reconstruction of two additional homes in the Tavush border community of Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur was completed earlier this month. This brings the total to nine homes that Jean-Marie and Lori Atamian have rebuilt in this important and growing border community of 1,100 inhabitants.
Before reconstruction began
The homes of Narek Vardanyan, a soldier who was seriously injured in the 2020 war, and Ghugas Avagyan, whose sons are both on active military service, were rebuilt and equipped to modern norms. The Vardanyan home was reconstructed to allow Narek to easily access the rooms and be more comfortable. The Avagyan property initially consisted of only partial exterior walls and was rebuilt from the ground up. A short video of the ribbon cutting ceremony on both homes can be viewed at
In launching this most recent phase of his infrastructure projects, Mr. Atamian stated that “in light of their extraordinary service to our nation in defending our borders during the 2020 war, we wanted to prioritize the reconstruction of Narek’s and Ghugas’ homes as a symbol of our respect and appreciation to their families.” He went on to state that “soldiers like Narek and Ghugas’ sons are heroes and should be treated as such.”
Since 2013, the Atamians have financed the reconstruction of the village’s medical center, kindergarten, secondary school (3 large two-story buildings), emergency services building, and water infrastructure. In addition, the Atamian family has supported more than 20 additional families in the village with agribusinesses and/or home repair grants. Jean Marie and Lori Atamian are committed to continuing their work to improve the housing conditions of large and military families. As noted by Peter Abajian, Executive Director of The Paros Foundation, “by creating a better standard of living for villagers along the border, we are ultimately helping create a more secure homeland.”
The Paros Foundation launched its Prosperity on the Border initiative in 2015 to help significantly improve conditions in border communities. To date, The Paros Foundation has implemented infrastructure projects in 12 border communities in Tavush. Following the 2020 war, the foundation purchased, renovated, and resettled seven displaced families from Artsakh into new homes in the village of Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur as part of the Armenia Resettlement Coalition.
Making An Impact
The Paros Foundation was launched in 2006 and has implemented more than $10 million worth of projects in Armenia through its unique model of philanthropy and community partnership. These projects are located throughout the country with the majority of work focused in Gyumri and in the Tavush Region, along the border with Azerbaijan. The Foundation underwrites all administrative expenses, allowing 100% of donor contributions to be allocated in their entirety to the projects.
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Effective Giving – How You Can Give Back This Holiday Season

We are writing to ask for your urgent support to help us continue
our important work for the Armenian nation.

Our work continues throughout Armenia and Artsakh despite the raging pandemic and Azeri hostility. We are proud of the many accomplishments we have achieved this year including the resettlement of 12 displaced families from Artsakh into new homes in Armenia, with more to come; and the beginning of construction of three new homes in Artsakh for families in Stepanakert and Martakert. The completed renovation of the Artsvabert Kindergarten and the launch of the expansion and renovation of the Verishen Kindergarten will provide more than 100 new children early education programs in these two border communities. Economic opportunities and job creation were catapulted forward through the expansion of the Aygepar Business Incubator and the opening of the Hianali Beauty Center (a social enterprise and part of the Assarian Vocational Training Program at Debi Arach) in Gyumri.

While these significant accomplishments are making real world differences on the ground in Armenia, we must continue to help secure our borders and people by focusing especially on three program areas:

Rebuilding Border Communities

To help secure a vibrant border and to keep these communities both populated and able to take-in displaced Artsakh families, these villages must have basic infrastructure including schools, medical centers, kindergartens, homes, irrigation and drinking water. Since 2012, The Paros Foundation has rebuilt and significantly improved 12 kindergartens, three schools, five medical centers, and brought water to two villages. In addition, we have either partially or fully rebuilt 38 homes including 12 that were given to displaced Artsakh families.

In 2022 with your help, we hope to complete the expansion and renovation of the Verishen and Aygezor Kindergartens, the medical center in Akunk, and several additional homes for families in Artsakh, Aygepar, Medz Masrik and Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur.

Fighting Poverty in Gyumri

To break the cycle of what now amounts to generational poverty in Gyumri, both short-term humanitarian and long-term development programs are essential parts of the solution. Since 2012, The Paros Foundation has developed and is implementing programs to help end poverty in Gyumri. These programs include humanitarian solutions, such as distributing groceries, firewood (for heating and cooking), warm winter coats and boots and other clothing. Our Purchase-A-Home project has moved 25 families who were previously living in “domiks,” into new homes. Longer-term solutions to fighting generational poverty include our work at the Debi Arach Children’s Center and through the Assarian Vocational Training Programs. Debi Arach works with more than 180 children after school to meet both their humanitarian and developmental needs with a strong focus on academics. The Assarian Vocational Training Programs provide career planning for school-aged children, and free-of-cost job training and placement for young adults. This year, we successfully launched a social enterprise, the Hianali Beauty Center, to serve both as a high-end beauty salon and a hands- on training facility. These programs equip the next generation with the tools they need to work themselves and their families out of poverty.

With your help in 2022, Debi Arach will continue to make significant contributions to the lives of children in Gyumri, we will move families into new homes through our Purchase-A-Home project and we will continue to expand job training and placement efforts.

                                                              Economic Development and Job Creation

To help keep families together and combat economic emigration for work, local economic opportunities are critical especially in remote border communities. In 2018, The Paros Foundation launched the Aygepar Business Incubator. This Incubator is designed to provide residents with free space to launch their own businesses, and to create jobs. To date, the multi-story facility is housing a rabbit farm, fertilizer and a small-animal feed production. With ongoing renovations to the building, soon a bakery and commercial kitchen facility will be launched in the center. As a part of the Incubator, a fruit orchard and honey farm are operating off-site in neighboring villages. All these efforts are creating valuable jobs and economic opportunities to help secure these border communities.

With your support in 2022, our hope is to expand at the Aygepar Incubator to include a commercial kitchen, increase the number of hives at the Honey Farm, develop export markets for local production, and create a large fruit and vegetable storage refrigeration facility.

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Sponsor-A-Hive, Create An Immediate Economic Impact

We are excited to announce our latest initiative, Sponsor-A-Hive! With every $250 donation you will be able to support one hive in the village of Verin Tsakhavan through the Aygepar Business Incubator. To make it even sweeter, each sponsorship comes with a jar of honey from these bee hives, with an optional customizable label, perfect for gifting, or enjoying yourself!


Each sponsored hive will create a ripple effect of positivity for the economy of Armenia, as the entire process of creating the honey will happen in the country. In the long term, expanded honey production will create commercially viable quantities of honey both for local consumption and export.

Due to the limited nature of the hives, there are only 150 hives and jars of honey available for sponsorship. Help us provide an immediate positive economic impact and receive the gift of honey! If you would like to sponsor a hive, please donate and fill out the custom label form using the link in our bio. Honey will be sent out after November 1st.

This initiative will lead to expanded job creation and opportunities in the market place as all components of this important project are manufactured locally in the Armenian market including hives, bee families, wax starter sheets and concrete block stands. Even the glass jars for sale are manufactured in Armenia!