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$400,000 Relief, Resettlement, Reconstruction Challenge

The first chapter of the war is over and the next is ready to begin. The Armenian people are confronted with the overwhelming task of evacuating and surrendering lands to Azerbaijan, providing assistance and securing housing for more than 100,000 refugees from Artsakh, and repairing damages in both Armenia and Artsakh from these brutal attacks.

The Paros Foundation is being challenged with a $400,000 matching grant. Funds will be matched dollar for dollar up to $200,000 (by several anonymous donors who are contributing in honor of our brave fallen soldiers), for a total of $400,000. Winter is rapidly approaching and the holiday season is upon us. Please help us meet this challenge.

Frequently visit the Emergency Relief and Reconstruction project on
The Paros Foundation website for updates, and follow us on social media.

Photos via Aris Messinis

All donations made through this link will be matched up to $200,000 regardless of the amount. Please visit our website to donate or mail checks to the following address with a note saying “challenge grant”:
The Paros Foundation
2217 5th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

For more information about this effort, please contact (310) 400-9061 or email:

Paros Blog

Today we reflect, tomorrow we rebuild.

Yesterday, an agreement was signed by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia to end the war in Artsakh. The terms of the agreement can be read here . The bottom line is Armenia has lost considerable portions of Artsakh including Shushi, the agreement does not address a final status of Artsakh, and provides Azerbaijan with a transit corridor to Nakhichevan. Russian peacekeeping forces are already in Artsakh enforcing this agreement.

We are grateful that no more of our brave soldiers and volunteers will lose their lives, and we are forever humbled by the heroism and sacrifice of our fallen and their families. This is a difficult time for the Armenian nation. A beacon of hope for our people was demonstrated through our collective, unified effort around the world to stand tall with our nation, and the awakening of the spirit and passion of our ancestors in our next generation and future leaders.

The following is an excerpt from Danny Donabedian,
a Paros SERVICE Armenia 2018 Alum’s social media post yesterday:

Paros Blog

Human Rights Watch Must Condemn Azerbaijan’s War Crimes

photo credit: Shant Sevag

WE MUST ACT NOW. Here is how you can help:

1. Send a note to Human Rights Watch via email.
Here is pre-filled email template you can use:
Human Rights Watch Must Condemn Azerbaijan’s War Crimes
*Remember to sign your name at the bottom

2. Donate to Armenia Fund. If you already donated, call someone you know and ask them to donate.

Paros Blog

NATO Must Eject Turkey – Email Template For You To Use!

WE MUST ACT NOW. Here is how you can help:

1. Send a note to NATO via email.
Here is pre-filled email template you can use:
Send NATO an email to eject Turkey
*Remember to sign your name at the bottom

2. Donate to Armenia Fund. If you already donated, call someone you know and ask them to donate.
Donate here!

Paros Blog


Photos courtesy of AFP – Aris Messinis

Surprise, Surprise — Not many of us in the Armenian community were surprised to learn that within minutes Azerbaijan for the third time broke the humanitarian ceasefire set to take effect this past Monday morning, which this time was brokered by the United States.  While Azerbaijan and Turkey laugh and snub their noses at the efforts of Russia, Europe and the United States to reach a humanitarian ceasefire, more than 100,000 Armenian civilians are displaced creating a humanitarian crisis and more than 1,000 of our heroes have been martyred defending our homeland.  Azerbaijan’s actions combined with Turkey’s support cannot go unchecked. WE MUST ACT NOW.

Here is what you must do immediately:

  1. Call both of your US Senators and demand them to support immediate sanctions on Azerbaijan and Turkey and to cut all military assistance to both countries. Recep Erdogan, Turkey’s dictator has publicly taunted the US to sanction Turkey! If you have already called your senators, call your friends and family and have them call too.
    To find your Senator, visit:
  2. Call your US Representative and ask them to support H.Res. 1203 which recognizes the Republic of Artsakh.  Artsakh’s recognition by the international community as an independent Country must take place. If you have already called, please call your family and friends and have them call their member of congress too.
    To find your Congressman, visit:
  3. Donate to Armenia Fund.  Armenia and Artsakh are facing a humanitarian crisis because of Azerbaijan’s attack.  The onset of winter and spiking Covid-19 numbers only make this situation more dire. Please donate generously.  If you have already donated, please work to raise funds from your family and friends to support the life-saving work of Armenia Fund.  Donate now at

Azerbaijan and Turkey have made it perfectly clear that they intend on fighting until no Armenians are left in Artsakh and possibly even Armenia.  We must continue to rally the 10 million strong diaspora into a new global Armenian army to fight for our right to survive.  Please act now,  again tomorrow, the next day, until Azerbaijan and Turkey agree to allow Armenia and Artsakh to live in peace.

Paros Blog

Help Provide #HeatForOurHeroes

The defenders of our homeland need our help! As the weather gets colder and the war with Azerbaijan continues, thousands of volunteers have enlisted to help–and they need warm, quality winter coats.

Our goal is to supply a minimum of 1,000 coats via air freight to Armenia in the coming weeks. Please consider making a $75 donation to help us purchase a warm winter coat, liner and cover shipping toArmenia. This is an urgent and time sensitive need.

Let’s work together to reach our goal and provide over 1,000 heroes with coats this coming week!


Paros Blog

Together we raised $100,000 for ArmeniaFund!

With your generous support, and that of the generous anonymous support of those donors who established and increased the challenge match, we raised $100,000 for the Armenia Fund!

Make no mistake, our fight has just begun. On October 10th, a humanitarian ceasefire was brokered in Moscow between Armenian and Azerbaijan. It is unclear if this ceasefire will stick, or only be used as an excuse to give Azerbaijan a chance to regroup.  The Armenian Defense Ministry was announcing heavy attacks on civilians in Hadrut beginning 30 minutes after the start of the agreed upon time.  Drone strikes also took place in Armenia’s Syunik region’s Yeritsvank village.

Once the attacks have stopped, we will turn our attention to the task of rebuilding these communities.  In the coming days we will extend our Emergency Reconstruction Fund that was established in July following the brutal attacks against civilian communities in Armenia’s Tavush Region to help address the monumental task ahead of our community in rebuilding Artaskh.

We must remain active and support the aggressive effort spearheaded by the Armenian National Committee and Armenian Assembly to cut all military aid to Azerbaijan and Turkey along with their other critical initiatives.

This war is being fought on the battlefield, in the media and in diplomatic circles and we must do whatever we can to win.  

Paros Blog

$50,000 Challenge Grant For Artsakh

50000 Matching Grant challenge for Artsakh

Help us meet our match! We have received a challenge grant from an anonymous donor, who is matching donations up to $25,000, which will allow us to donate $50,000 to Armenia Fund in support of Artsakh with your help!

*Only donations made through our website will be matched. Please use the link above to donate. 

The Azeri attack on civilian targets throughout Artsakh and parts of Armenia have created a humanitarian crisis. Turkey’s involvement, and that of confirmed jihadist fighters threatens the Armenian nation’s existence.  The time is now to support Armenia and Artsakh’s humanitarian needs by joining the worldwide effort to support Armenia Fund.  Donate now and donate generously to help our brothers and sisters in this time of need.

All donations made through this link will be matched up to $25,000 regardless of the amount.  Please visit our website to donate or mail checks to the following address with a note saying “challenge grant”:

The Paros Foundation
2217 5th Street
Berkeley, CA  94710

Funds from this challenge grant will be donated to support Armenia Fund in their entirety.  For more information about this effort, please contact (310) 400-9061 or email:

Paros Blog

Armenia, we are with you ✊

Dear Friends:

As you are reading this brief update, our brothers and sisters in Artsakh and in parts of Armenia are under heavy artillery attack by the Azeris. Official sources have acknowledged at least 200 Armenian casualties including civilians. Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in a statement released earlier today said that this battle is not about land or territory, it is about the elimination of the Armenian people.

Reports have been released by the Armenian and Artsakh Governments that Turkey has recruited upwards of 4,000 Syrian mercenaries to fight for Azerbaijan. In addition, American made, Turkish deployed F-16s are attacking targets in Artsakh and Armenia proper. In fact, it is reported that Turkey is now leading Azerbaijan’s air campaign from Kars and Erzurum. The Armenian Government reports that 150 high ranking Turkish soldiers are on the ground in Azerbaijan coordinating attacks.

Civilian populations in Stepanakert, Martakert, Martuni and Hadrut have come under attack. Civilians in Armenia’s Vardenis and surrounding villages have also been shelled. Two French journalists have been injured (one of them in critical condition) as a result of the Azeri attacks. In addition to the tragic loss of life, homes and infrastructure in these communities have been significantly damaged. Azeri surveillance drones made their way all the way to Armenia’s Kotayk Region just outside of Yerevan before they were shot down.

The OSCE Co-Chairs of Russia, France and the United States have called upon Armenia and Azerbaijan to end hostilities and loss of life and return to the negotiation table. Azerbaijan has refused and Turkey has publicly stated that they wish Azerbaijan will fight on until Artsakh is Armenian free. Russia and Iran have both offered to help facilitate peace talks. The US Congress has introduced a Resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s attack.

What must you do?

1. Visit the Armenian Assembly & Armenian National Committee’s Websites

Send letters and make phone calls to your elected officials to support the Resolution in Congress and immediately cut military assistance to Azerbaijan and sanction Turkey for their actions.

2. Donate to the All Armenia Fund.

The Governments of Armenia and Artsakh have asked the entire diaspora to NOT start individual fundraising efforts, but to rally around the All Armenia Fund and make all donations to this organization. Please visit to make your donation.

According to consolidated media reports, almost 3,000 people have been killed on the Azeri side, and they have sustained more than 3,300 injuries. Armenian forces have destroyed 114 drones, 14 helicopters, 247 Tanks and armored vehicles, 3 TOS systems, 1 smerch system and 11 aircrafts since the start of the attack.

It is our hope that a ceasefire can be quickly reached to prevent further loss of life among our brothers and sister and at that point, we will determine how best to help rebuild. Please act now!

Paros Blog

They Destroy. We Rebuild, BETTER!

Emma A. and her son, Vartan, live in the border village of Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur. On the morning of July 12, the Azeri’s launched a cross border attack on the Berd area of Armenia’s Tavush Region utilizing attack drones, tanks and other heavy artillery. Although the Azeris ultimately lost control of strategic military posts to the Armenian defense forces, a considerable amount of damage was inflicted upon the villages of Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur, Aygepar, Movses and Chinari.

In response to this assault, The Paros Foundation immediately committed to improving these villagers’ homes well beyond the damage sustained during this recent shelling. Work to rebuild Emma’s home began more than two weeks ago, thanks to the on-going generosity and sponsorship of Jean-Marie Atamian and his family, who have adopted this important border village and made major investments in its infrastructure since 2012.

No one should underestimate our resolve standing with our villages; for every house the enemy destroys, we will build 10 new homes.

– Jean-Marie Atamian

To support other home and infrastructure improvements in these border communities that were attacked by Azerbaijan, The Paros Foundation created the Emergency Reconstruction Fund. In addition to completing the repairs to the damaged Aygepar kindergarten, other residential projects in the neighboring border village of Aygepar will be addressed with monies raised from the Emergency Reconstruction Fund. #RebuildingTheBorder