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Resettlement Program Launched for Artsakh Displaced Families

Berkeley, CA—The Paros Foundation has launched a resettlement program as part of its Emergency Relief, Resettlement and Reconstruction-Artsakh Project to help those families that have fled Artsakh and will not be able, or are unwilling to return.

“This year we lost almost 3,000 people to the Corona virus and at least another 3,000 people to the war. If we don’t act quickly to help resettle these refugee families from Artsakh, we stand to lose another 50 or 60,000 to emigration,” said Peter Abajian, Executive Director of The Paros Foundation.

Thousands of families were forced to abandon their homes in Artsakh and now face an uncertain future.

The Paros Foundation’s Resettlement Program will take a comprehensive approach to refugee resettlement including thoroughly screening families, securing them permanent homes in Armenia (including renovation and furnishings), and engaging the families in appropriate economic activities to help them provide for themselves. The first priority for families to resettle will be those from rural Artsakh, and in particular, multi-generational families whose lives were uprooted from territories now under Azeri control. The Armenian and Artsakh governments are establishing noble and aggressive plans for repatriation of families to Artsakh, however, it is clear that many large families will be unable or unwilling to return to their homes and thus will consider leaving Armenia.

“The Paros Foundation is attempting to raise $200,000 in funds that will be matched with another $200,000 if we meet this goal,” said Abajian. “Many families have lost everything because of the war and our goal is to quickly help resettle as many of them as possible to avoid losing them to another country for work or a place to live.”

To recommend families for consideration for resettlement or to help resettle a family, please contact The Paros Foundation via email