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Z. Khachatryan Art School Kiln


The Sissian Youth Arts School in Armenia was founded in 1962 to provide afterschool art classes for especially talented youth in the region.

In 1968 the school received a State School Status and has been supported by the Sissian city government. Currently 104 youth come to the school after their regular school day to pursue their dream in various forms of art. Ten percent of the students from this School continue on to the prestigious Terlemezyan Art School in Yerevan and Yerevan State University Art department. Many of the graduates have become artists, and several of them return to Sissian to perpetuate the School’s excellence in art education for regional youth.

Upon its founding, the first department in the school was called “Composition Art”. Students in this department skillfully and beautifully penciled their own ideas onto paper. This department eventually expanded to include all forms of drawing and painting. In 1968 the school enhanced its curriculum by adding Art History and Sculpting classes. In 1989 it increased its vision further by adding a department very close to the hearts of the regional people: the Hand Crafts department where students learn carpet weaving, needlepoint, crochet, knitting and so on. Some of the intricacies of the work they produce can rival any professional.

In 2012, two alumni from this School who completed their Art degree in Yerevan’s Terlemezian Art School returned to Sissian and began teaching a course in Ceramics Theory where the students learn the history of ceramics art (in which Armenians have had a very prominent standing and still do) the theory of ceramics, as well as technical details in producing the beautiful ceramics. The students enthusiasm is heightened and stirred by these classes, but alas, they have no means by which to put this knowledge to practical use, because they do not have a ceramics kiln, nor does one exist in the city for rent. The School’s vision is to expand this department to hands on teaching and giving the students the opportunity to put their creativity into making real ceramics that you can touch and watch and use.



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September 2013

End Date

November 2013
Z. Khachatryan Art School Kiln (Sisian)
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The Need
A kiln does not exist either at the School or in the city of Sissian for students enrolled in the ceramics program to use.
Short Term Impact
Immediately students will be able to continue their education in the ceramic arts by having a quality kiln to fire their artwork.
Long Term Impact
As students become more advanced and interested in the ceramic arts, this project could result in significant benefit to the school through increased enrollment, additional teachers employment, and additional revenue both to the students and to the school from ceramic sales. The education in and production of high quality ceramics and the development of this art form will ultimately preserve and help develop Armenia’s rich artistic heritage.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized with a plaque installed in the ceramics classroom at the School. In addition, donors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on the Paros 100 website. Visits to the School will be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.
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Mr. Vahram Gurjian

Astoria, NY
In Honor Of John & Christina Poochigian September 2, 2013
Anonymous User

Ms. Carol Manoukian

United States
In Honor Of John & Christina Poochigian August 12, 2013
Anonymous User

Ms. Marine Aarakelians

San Bruno, CA
In Honor Of John & Christina Poochigian August 10, 2013
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Rita Kablanian

Los Altos Hills, CA
In Honor Of John & Christina Poochigian August 4, 2013
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. Allen & Erika Odian

Menlo Park, CA
In Honor Of John & Christina Poochigian August 1, 2013
Anonymous User

Ms. Anahid Yeremian

Menlo Park, CA
In Honor Of John & Christina Poochigian July 31, 2013
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