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Varagavan Kindergarten and Multipurpose Room Renovation


Inadequate infrastructure left over from Soviet times has created unbearable conditions for families to live, learn and work in many villages throughout Armenia. Many of the husbands and fathers in these communities, especially in the Tavush Region, are heroes–serving as contract soldiers protecting our borders in their villages– while others work as seasonal migrant workers in Russia. Prosperity and our Nation’s security go hand in hand.

As part of the Paros Foundation’s Prosperity on the Border initiative, The Foundation has identified the kindergarten in the village of Varagavan as a needed infrastructure improvement project. Varagavan Village has 223 households with a population total of 713 people, 39 of which are children of school age and 67 children of pre-school age. Varagavan has a kindergarten comprised of 19 children and employs four adults. Other organizations implemented partial renovations to the kindergarten in 2004, mainly to the section they currently use, but the majority of the building including roof repairs remains unmet.

The kindergarten currently serves 19 children, and will have 29 in September. Once renovated the municipality is ready to fund the attendance of an additional 20 students. Sponsorship of this project will help renovate the kindergarten building and create a multipurpose room suitable for the use by the entire village. Repairs need to be made to the roof, floor, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, an outdoor playground will be installed for the childrens’ use.



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End Date

Four Months from Start Date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
The kindergarten and multipurpose room in the village of Varagavan needs renovation. Specifically the kitchen, bathroom, playroom and roof and flooring throughout most of the building must be addressed. Once completed, children will be able to take full advantage of early education in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Furthermore, families in the village are in need of a space to gather for community and cultural events.
Short Term Impact
Village kindergarten-aged children will benefit from the advantages of early education in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Residents will be able to hold concerts, gatherings and community events in a new and functional multipurpose room. The local economy will benefit from the purchase of local materials and labor for the construction.
Long Term Impact
Improving the infrastructure in Varagavan is important. With a modern kindergarten, hundreds of children will benefit through their attendance for many years to come. Families in the village will take pride in their kindergarten and this may assist with population growth in the village.
Sponsors Benefits
Sponsors of the renovation at the Varagavan Kindergarten and Multipurpose Room will be recognized on a plaque installed at the kindergarten, on The Paros Foundation website and in all related press to this important project. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to the Varagavan Village Kindergarten when you are in Armenia.
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. George & Gail Kodokian (Gudukian)

Kennett Square, PA
In Memory Of Krikor Gudukian November 24, 2023
Anonymous User

Mr. Samuel Khatchadourian

Glendale, CA July 29, 2022
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Nancy Artinian

MI, United States
In Memory Of Nancy Artinian Theoharis June 11, 2020
Anonymous User

Dr. Jeffrey Bogosian & Dr. Joan Yazejian & Family

Rolling Hills, CA May 7, 2020
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian

Glendale, CA March 16, 2020
Anonymous User


Netherlands December 27, 2019
Anonymous User

Dr. Jack Chelebian

Corpus Christi, TX December 17, 2019
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June 6, 2019

Join us in supporting this project tonight at the beautiful home of Kelley & Greg Badishkanian in New York! All proceeds will benefit this important kindergarten and multipurpose room renovation in the village of Varagavan.

June 14, 2019

Demolition began today a week after the funds were secured at the Badishkanian fundraiser!

July 24, 2019

Work is continuing at the Varagavan Kindergarten. The windows were delivered and installed today and the roof has been completely replaced!

August 15, 2019

Project Sponsors, The Badishkanian Family, visited the kindergarten today to see how the work is progressing.

March 16, 2020

Work on the interior of the kindergarten is complete. Work will begin outside on the grounds as soon as the weather permits.

September 10, 2022

Renovations on the outside of the grounds have started by clearing away space for a playground. 

September 11, 2020

A new playground has been added to the school grounds that the children will be able to play on for years.

September 15, 2020

Today, a grand opening was held celebrating the end of renovations. The children were excited to see their new classrooms and receive toys from our team.