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The National Agrarian University is a joint partner in this project. The greenhouse will be essential for the full training of the students during the course of the academic year. Further, the forestry professors and graduate students will conduct various research on part of the surface. The rest of the surface will be tended by our workers to grow various seedlings aimed for our reforestation projects.

We will build a 3,300 square foot greenhouse on the grounds of the National Agrarian University in Vanadzor. The greenhouse will have an automatic irrigation system. In addition, we will build 30 metal tables to support 1500 boxes for plant containers and develop our own design for a seedling container. Each table will support 3,000 containers containing one seedling each. The total capacity of the greenhouse is 90,000 seedlings. If the budget is fully raised, we would like to have two sets of 90.000 containers in order to allow two shifts per year.

The greenhouse will enable us to have a greater variety of forest tree seedlings including some rare and endangered species. This is very important in order to increase bio-diversity in the forests. It will also improve the success ratio of the plants in the afforestation areas as the saplings will go in the ground with soil around their roots.

The Greenhouse budget includes the construction of the actual greenhouse, the installation of an irrigation system, tables, containers and the required shading nets. Details are available upon request.



City / Village


Start Date

June 2021

End Date

October 2023

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need

To help our reforestation projects in Armenia, we need many different species of good quality seedlings. At the same time, the proper schooling of forestry graduates and future reforestation experts requires that they gain practical instruction. A greenhouse is essential to complete their education and to help reforestation. Indeed some forest tree species are difficult to grow in open-air nurseries. Within the controlled environment of a greenhouse the success rate of rare species and productivity of the seedlings will be increased.

Short Term Impact

Short term impact: 5 workers will be hired to work in the greenhouse and many students will profit from this unique learning tool.

Long Term Impact

The long-term impact of the project is to support reforestaton projects in Armenia in order to increase the forest coverage and improve the nature of this attractive mountainous country. It will also help the training of future forestry specialists.

Sponsors Benefits

All sponsors to this project will be listed on the Paros website, as well as on the website of My Forest Armenia. One major donor may name the greenhouse. A plaque with all donors will hang inside the greenhouse. For each $1,000 donation a donor may name one table. Donors who visit Armenia can have a guided visit to the greenhouse and the reforestation sites.

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Mr. & Mrs. Vartan & Talin Gharibian

Porter Ranch, CA
June 10, 2023
Anonymous User

Avo & Areen

Glendale, CA June 3, 2023
Anonymous User

Ms. Karin Yeni-Komshian

Los Gatos, CA February 8, 2022
Anonymous User

Ms. Michelle Hoersch

Chicago, IL
In Honor Of Lucy Artinian and Robert Hoersch December 28, 2021
Anonymous User

Ayvazian-Daghlian Family Charitable Trust

Arlington, MA December 9, 2021
Anonymous User


Australia July 23, 2021
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. Gary & Linda Assarian

Arcadia, CA July 18, 2021
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Updates: Images & Information

October 1, 2023

The greenhouse has been constructed and is serving as a great benefit for the university students in instruction on forestry.