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Terchoonian Home Restoration


The site of the Terchoonian Home, located in Gyumri Armenia, holds great historical significance. It was an orphanage during the Armenian Genocide managed by the Near East Relief, a social and economic development organization established in 1915. It later became a military headquarters for the Soviet army. In 1988, the building was heavily damaged during the devastating Spitak Earthquake. Due to support by the Terchoonian Family, and the hard work and dedication of the late Archbishop Mesrob Ashjian and Romen Gozmoyan, the building was purchased and renovated. The Terchoonian Home Orphanage opened its doors again in 2003 through the generous donation by the Terchoonian Family honoring the late Vahan Terchoonian. The Terchoonian Family chose Gyumri as it was the city Terchoonian found refuge in after escaping from Turkey, before eventually immigrating to the United States.

Today, the orphanage houses 84 children and operates a school that serves a total of 115 children with 54 individuals on staff. This historic building, specifically its third floor, is in need of emergency repairs prior to another harsh Gyumri winter. Sponsorship of this project will help urgently complete renovations, which include repairs to fix several leaks in the roof, replacement of 32 windows on the third floor (several of which have been boarded up because there is no glass in them or they don’t close), new doors for the third floor corridor (at each staircase), balcony, bedrooms and classrooms, and new carpeting for the rooms with water damage where children stay. Furthermore, the exterior walls on the third floor are made of asbestos panels, which have been poorly installed, are not water tight and have caused the third floor carpeting in the rooms to become damp and foul over time. The asbestos panels will be replaced with a new exterior wall that will be weather/water tight. Additional repairs are also needed, such as repairs to water pipes and partial renovation of two bathrooms (including drain pipes and the addition of a shower stall), but will be addressed after the above urgent needs are met. These renovations to the orphanage are important to not only keep the children and staff safe, warm and protected from illnesses that may arise due to poor conditions, but also to help preserve a building that holds such significance for Armenian history in its walls.



City / Village


Start Date

May 2015

End Date

August 2015

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
The Terchoonian Home, which has several leaks, and damage to their building, is in need of emergency renovations in order to withstand another winter and keep its children, students and staff, safe and away from illness that may arise. Additionally, preserving this building is of high cultural importance due to its historical significance.
Short Term Impact
The short-term impact of this project will include repairs to several leaks in the roof, repairs to 32 windows on the third floor, installation of new doors for the third floor corridor, balcony, repairs to the bedrooms and classrooms, new carpeting for the children’s rooms and replacement of the asbestos panels on the third floor with a new exterior wall that will be weather/water tight. All materials will be purchased in Armenia, thus providing a boost to the local economy. In addition, local labor will be hired to complete the construction work whenever possible, thus providing locals with temporary jobs.
Long Term Impact
In the long term, additional repairs will be made such as repairs to water pipes and partial renovation of two bathrooms (including drain pipes and the addition of shower stall). The success of this project will provide a proper, safe and warm facility for current and future children attending or living in the Terchoonian Home. The amount of illnesses and colds will be decreased with the elimination of leaks and water damage. Furthermore, a building that holds great historical significance will continue to be preserved for years to come.
Sponsors Benefits
Your donation to sponsor the Terchoonian Home Restoration Project will be recognized on a plaque at the Home, on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will gladly arrange a visit to the orphanage when you are in Armenia.
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Updates: Images & Information

August 1, 2015

Work is completed on the living quarters at the Terchoonian Home. Roof repairs, new flooring, doors and windows, lighting and electrical, paint and new bathrooms including indoor bathing facilities dramatically improving the living conditions for the children.