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Artsakh Refugee Support Fund

Artsakh Refugee Support Fund


Armenians living in Artsakh last week woke up to the Azeris again attacking their ancestral homeland.  This time their goal was the complete surrender and ethnic cleansing of the entirety of Artsakh.  

The mass exodus from Artsakh has begun, and while the fate of our brothers and sisters there remains uncertain, one thing for sure is that thousands of refugees are arriving in Armenia in need of food, shelter and basic necessities.  This humanitarian crisis has begun.  

To assist, and based on our experience from the refugee crisis during and after the 2020 War, The Paros Foundation is launching the Artsakh Refugee Support Fund to assist refugees coming to Armenia with basic humanitarian needs including food, medicine, clothing, and shelter.  

Our main goal is to begin assessing housing needs and re-home refugees into permanent homes as quickly as possible and as funding provides.  Our team will work closely with our contacts throughout the country to help find communities and homes available as well as provide immediate humanitarian support for refugees.  



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September, 2023

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One Year From Start
Artsakh Refugee Support Fund
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The Need

Armenian refugees driven from their homes in Artsakh have already begun arriving into Armenia in the thousands.  This people will need food, shelter, clothing, medicine and other immediate humanitarian support.  The Armenian government is not able to immediately help these people, nor are there any international organizations prepared and willing to support this effort.  

Short Term Impact

As refugee families begin arriving in Armenia, we will help provide as many as possible with short term humanitarian support.  All forms of support provided will benefit the local Armenian economy.

Long Term Impact

In the long term,  The Paros Foundation will again support these families re-homing needs as we did following the 2020 war.  Homes in communities outside of Yerevan will be purchased and renovated and given to refugee families.  This work will be done with local materials and labor and thus have a significant impact on the local economy.

Sponsors Benefits

All sponsors of this important project will be listed on The Paros Foundation’s website and in all press related to this project. Visits to these communities can be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.

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Artak Nalbandian

Montrose, CA September 30, 2023
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Berkeley, CA
In Honor Of Stephan Astourian September 30, 2023
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Durham, NC September 30, 2023
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In Memory Of Ken Balayev September 30, 2023
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Huntington Beach, CA September 30, 2023
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United States September 30, 2023
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Pelham, NY September 30, 2023
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Wyckoff, NJ September 30, 2023
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Mimi Malayan

San Francisco, CA September 30, 2023
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