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Scholarship for a Sustainable Future: Marine A.


Nor Luyce works with young girls, ages 14-17, from two local orphanages and/or from poverty stricken families from Gyurmi, Armenia. Under the direction of their Executive Director, Shoghik Mikayelyan, the program provides their mentees with positive roles models and emotional support. The reduction of isolation is provided by mentors and by field trips, which expose the children to various work and educational settings. In addition, Nor Luyce’s program emphasizes the development of educational and career plans. They are now at the stage of either beginning or continuing to help implement each older child’s plan for higher education. Each child has also either completed or is in the process of completing a career plan, which includes the most appropriate type and place of higher education.

Nor Luyce is trying to provide Marine, a young girl from Gyumri, with a scholarship that would reduce her out of pocket costs towards her education. Lusine lives at home with her father, mother, sister and brother. Her parents are farmers. At times Marine’s father leaves for Russia to find a job. Their monthly income is 48000 AMD which is not enough to take care of the family and pay the tuition fee of Marine who has just entered University. Marine graduated from the school with high performance. During her free time, she draws and read books. She has been a part of Nor Luyce NGO since 2016. She has successfully finished Mentoring Phase, Skill-Building Phase and now she is in the Scholarship phase. Marine has been very passive, shy and closed-off, and she had fears of expressing her ideas. However, thanks to the great work that her mentor did, Marine became very active, she takes part in all the group meetings and actively expresses her ideas. She has been volunteering her time at the organization scanning and filling out budet documents. The requested scholarship funds will help Marine continue her studies and cover the costs of her tuition, uniform, books, stationaries, winter clothing and her transportation fee for one year.



City / Village


Start Date

September 2019

End Date

February 2021

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need

Children living in orphanages and/or within poverty stricken families are often isolated and may lack the knowledge, adult support and financial ability necessary to make appropriate life choices. As a consequence, many of these children are deprived from the opportunity to pursue their education. The frustration of these deficits in addition to the expectation that they will not be able to afford additional education may even lead to a lack of motivation to seek the knowledge and support needed. By being given the opportunity to pursue educational goals, they will be able to secure job opportunities, a good future and a successful life.

Short Term Impact

Marine A., who currently lives in Gyumri’s, will receive the financial support she needs, in a form of a scholarship, covering the costs of her college tuition, uniform, books, stationaries, winter clothes and transportation.

Long Term Impact

The long-term goal is that Marine A., being given the opportunity to continue pursuing her educational goals at the university level will have a reasonable chance to become self-sufficient member of Armenian society and have a successful life.

Sponsors Benefits

Sponsor will be recognized on both the Nor Luyce and Paros Foundation websites. Donors will be given regular progress reports on the girl’s progress during their university studies.

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