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Tsap-Tsapik Music Education Program


The Tsap-Tsapik Music Education Program is aimed at developing inclusive education through music in Armenia. The program was founded by Sevana Tchakerian, whose approach and content is unprecedented in Armenia. Currently, there is no music education program for preschool children in Armenia, except occasional choir practice. The Tsa-Tsapik Early Music Education Program aims at introducing preschool children in Armenia to the musical world through a playful and diversified pedagogic approach. In addition, this initiative aims to educate children who are underprivileged, for geographical, sociological, physical or psychological reasons and cannot afford to attend music in private schools in Yerevan.

Through this program Sevana, who is also the Program Director, provides open instruction to everyone without discrimination, helps develop children’s curiosity for musical practice, while valuing them and giving them the opportunity to express themselves. Music researchers have found correlations between playing music and some of the deepest workings of the human brain. Music helps develop children’s language, math and listening skills, self-esteem, creativity, motor coordination, as well as relieves their stress, and is an excellent way to teach children with special needs. The program is more complete and focuses on the discovery of sounds and rhythms, instrumental exploration and body awareness, in addition to singing. To ensure the sustainability of the project, the priority is to empower the local teaching corps by sharing new teaching resources and working directly with both the teachers and the students via infield workshops.

Sponsorship of this project will allow Sevana to launch this program in seven villages during the 2015-2016 school year, provide training and instruments for those villages and help develop inclusive education in Armenia. The training she will provide during the one year will educate around 30 teachers and benefit 350 students. The tools provided to the teachers, along with regularly updated teaching resources, can be used for many years following the implementation of the program in a village. Sponsoring seven villages for a year means providing music education to more than 1750 children in Armenia within 5 years.

The program will run from September 2015 to July 2016 in the seven villages (kindergartens, daycare centers).

September-December 2015: biweekly training sessions and workshops in centers A, B, C and D.

January-March 2016: biweekly training sessions in centers E, F and G

April-June 2016: weekly follow-up workshops in all seven centers

End of June 2016: open house workshops, gathering with the communities

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City / Village

Seven villages throughout Armenia

Start Date


End Date

One year from start date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Although Armenia has achieved universal primary school enrollment, close to 80% of preschool age children do not attend preschools due to poverty and/or absence of preschool facilities, while 7,000 of the 8,000 children with disabilities, learning difficulties and disadvantages are systematically excluded from education. As music is an excellent vector of child development and inclusion, we want to develop the practice of inclusive education in Armenian villages by training the local teachers and educators to early music education, and by providing music instruments to the involved kindergartens and day care centers.
Short Term Impact
In the short term about 30 teachers will receive early music training and be able to administer the program to 350 underprivileged children all within kindergartens and daycares in seven villages. In addition, the kindergartens and day cares will receive musical instruments for the teachers and children’s use.
Long Term Impact
The long-term teachers will be provided with regularly updated teaching resources, which can be used for many years following the implementation of the program in a village. In addition, hundreds of additional students will partake in the program in the coming years. Hundreds of underprivileged children in villages will develop improved language, math and listening skills, self-esteem, creativity, motor coordination, as well as improve their general well-being.
Sponsors Benefits
Your support of this project will be recognized at the seven villages, your name listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website, on social networks, and in appropriate press related to this important. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to the villages and a meeting the children when you are in Armenia.
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