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Playground for Tsoghamarg


Tsoghamarg is one of the Women for Development NGO’s (WFD NGO) beneficiary rural communities. It is located in the Ashotsk area and is 20km from Gyumri. There are 558 residents in the community, of whom 70 are children of school age and 56 are children of pre-school age. There was a kindergarten in the village until 2002, but due to financial issues has not been functioning for the last 13 years. As a result of the projects implemented in Tsoghamarg by WFD NGO, a community development strategic plan 2013-2015 was jointly developed in 2012. One of the issues covered in the strategic plan refers to the organization of children’s leisure activities, which could be solved by building a playground in the village. The problem is that currently, there isn’t a suitable area or playground for children and adolescents to spend their free time. The yard of the former kindergarten is fenced and would make an excellent area to build a playground. Sponsorship of this project will help restore the area and install the necessary equipment to create a small playground for the children. The main goal of the project is to improve the everyday life of children and adolescents in the Tsoghamarg community. The playground in Tsoghamarg will ease women’s everyday problems and will save their already tight budget so they won’t have to spend extra money on transportation costs in order to take their children to a park in the nearby city.

The WFD NGO was formed in 1997 in Gyumri, Armenia. The organization is carrying out important work to improve the lives of Armenians by empowering women, providing healthy lifestyle skills, mobilizing communities, and developing a culture of peace. From 2000-2007, WFD NGO has worked in more than 70 rural communities of North Armenia towards primary health care, family planning, reproductive health and rights, women’s rights, HIV/AIDS and more. Since 2008, WFD NGO started its work towards rural community mobilization and development in beneficiary rural communities. Through working closely with municipalities and active community groups WFD NGO provides non-formal educational opportunities for rural women to increase their communities’ capacity, independence and entrepreneurship.



City / Village


Start Date

May 2017

End Date

July 2017

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
The region of Shirak is one of the poorest and vulnerable regions in Armenia. Unemployment and poverty are a big problem for the rural communities of the region. Poverty in rural communities leaves a negative trace on children and adolescents depriving them of the most rudimentary opportunities that are so important for their age. There is a big absence of public places for the children to play and spend their free time. The playground will serve the children for many years and will help minimize the difference of socio-economic conditions between cities and remote communities. The residents of the village will take responsibility of implementing the project, protecting the playground, cleaning the place and ensuring its purposeful usage with the help of the local authorities and the volunteers of the Tsoghamarg community center non-governmental structure.
Short Term Impact
In the short-term, 70 school-age children and 56 children of pre-school age in the village of Tsoghamarg will have a well-equipped playground to be used in their everyday life.
Long Term Impact
In the long term, the project will bring positive changes into the lives of 126 children and more in the remote rural community of Tsoghamarg. In addition, it will greatly change the overburdened routine of rural women. A favorable atmosphere will be created for children’s leisure and upbringing.
Sponsors Benefits
Your donation to support this project will be recognized in the Women for Development NGO’s social media sites, and a plaque with the donor name(s) will be installed at the playground. Additionally donors will be listed on The Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to the Tsoghamarg community when you are in Armenia.
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Mr. Alex Andrikian

Calabasas, CA
SERVICE Armenia June 6, 2017
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Mr. Hrag Gulian

Granada Hills, CA
SERVICE Armenia May 31, 2017
Anonymous User

Ms. Alique Fisher

Arlington, MA
SERVICE Armenia April 20, 2017
Anonymous User

Mr. Gregory Titizian

Monrovia, CA
SERVICE Armenia April 18, 2017
Anonymous User

Mr. Haig Nadjarian

Arlington, VA
SERVICE Armenia April 7, 2017
Anonymous User

Ms. Christine Halladjian

Glendora, CA
SERVICE Armenia April 3, 2017
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