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Paros Housing, After-School & Vocational Center


The 1988 Spitak Earthquake caused the death of more than 35,000 people and left more than 100,000 people homeless.  Armenia’s second largest city, Gyumri, was most affected by the earthquake.  In the years that followed, Armenia’s Independence, the Artsakh War and corrupt regional and local officials all contributed to a massive housing shortage, the inability to emerge from this housing shortage, and generational poverty in Gyumri.  Today, almost 2,000 domiks are still “home” to people in Gyumri.  While the development in Gyumri has considerably advanced in recent years, this housing shortage continues to exist. 


To date, The Paros Foundation has purchased 26 homes for domik families, and demolished 26 domiks, ensuring no one will ever live in one again.  In early 2022, the new Mayor of Gyumri proposed to The Paros Foundation that the city provides The Foundation with one of Gyumri’s many half-constructed buildings, with the purpose of Paros completing the building’s construction and housing domik families.  The building that was selected and given to Paros is suitable for 16 residential apartments and has an additional 6,000 square feet that Paros will use to open a second branch of its Debi Arach Children’s Center, additional vocational training programs and/or a second social enterprise. 


The Paros Foundation has the experience and track record to successfully implement this project.  Its benefits will be multi-fold including:


  1. 16 domik families will receive a new home.
  2. 16 domiks will be demolished and land returned to the city.
  3. One unfinished building will be completed, eliminating another eye sore for the city.
  4. During the construction phase, more than $500,000 will be invested in Gyumri’s economy through material purchases and labor.
  5. Once completed, Debi Arach will create an additional 8 to 10 full time employment positions.



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Paros Housing, After-School & Vocational Center
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The Need

More than 2,000 people remain homeless in Gyumri living in “domiks”.  This project will help create permanent housing for 16 families and eliminate 16 domiks.  

Short Term Impact

The construction of 16 apartments and a second branch office of Debi Arach Children’s Center will create approximately 20 construction jobs for almost one year.  There will be a local bump in the economy as labor and materials will be purchased locally whenever possible.

Long Term Impact

16 families will receive new apartments.  16 domiks will be demolished and the land returned to the city for public use.  100 children will receive the benefits proven through the programing at Debi Arach and 8 to 10 full time employment positions will be created at the new location.  

Sponsors Benefits

All sponsors of this important project will be listed on The Paros Foundation’s website and in all press related to this project. Visits to these communities can be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.

Anonymous User

The Dickranian Foundation

Beverly Hills, CA
April 20, 2024
Anonymous User

Developmental Services for Armenia

Arcadia, CA April 16, 2024
Anonymous User

Mr. Edward Tomassian

Glendale, CA
February 16, 2024
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Dikran & Lynn Barsamian

Allendale, NJ
December 27, 2023
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Christine Atesian

Bloomfield Hills, MI December 27, 2023
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Catherine Atesian

Bloomfield Hills, MI December 27, 2023
Anonymous User

Mr. Darren Atesian

Beverly Hills, MI December 25, 2023
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Updates: Images & Information

September 15, 2022

Thank you to the Assarian and Atesian families for sponsoring a successful event that raised more than $75,000 in support for this important project.


August 22, 2023

We have hired both our project architect and seismic engineering firm for our building.  They will help us design and develop plans for the addition of a fourth floor on the building that will house four to eight additional families in new apartments.