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Oknooshoon Project Phase 2


Nairi Krafian, a young Armenian-American volunteer has established a project called Oknooshoon in Armenia, which is literally a hybrid of the words help (oknoutyoun) and dog (shoun) in Armenian. As a pre-veterinary student who is passionate about both her homeland and animals, her goal is to improve the public perception, and in turn the quality of life, for rescued dogs in Armenia. Nairi has partnered with The Paros Foundation in order to introduce dog therapy in Yerevan, help provide education to improve the public perception of stray and rescued dogs and minimize their poor treatment.

Oknooshoon aims to improve the human-canine bond in Armenia, to benefit both populations simultaneously. This project will implement animal therapy for children in need with rescue dogs trained as therapy animals. Phase one of Oknooshoon’s Animal Therapy Program was a pilot in which the therapy dogs were trained as adults, lived at the shelter, and were handled by shelter personnel. Phase two is a second pilot in which rescue dogs will be trained as puppies, raised and handled by Oknooshoon employees in a home. This change will create a more sustainable and effective program, with the dogs being trained at a young age, living in clean homes, and receiving individualized attention. Phase two will also include research to determine the effectiveness of this therapy method for children, education to improve animal welfare, and efforts to strengthen Oknooshoon’s team and business model.

$24,000 is needed in order to fund this project. The costs include handler training education, dog training supplies, transportation, veterinary care, administrative supplies, employee compensation, and organizational development expenses. In addition, Nairi will be attending the Watson Institute Program in Colorado in order to improve and expand Oknooshoon’s capacity.


Yerevan Երևան

City / Village

Yerevan Երևան

Start Date

January 2019

End Date

December 2020

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Armenia lacks animal welfare advocacy, evident in their enormous stray dog population and their poor handling of the situation. The pet industry has grown, but there is still a strong stigma against rescue and mix-breed dogs, and the human-canine bond is quite week. Armenia also lacks accessible dog therapy programs with minimum standards, certification processes, program assessment, and impact measurement. Oknooshoon plans to improve the general misconception around rescue dogs and fill the gap in healthcare by introducing animal-assisted therapy to youth in need through phase two of this project.
Short Term Impact
The dogs trained by Oknooshoon will lead a much happier and healthier life than if they stayed in the shelters. Simultaneously, the children receiving animal-assisted therapy will receive psychosocial benefits.
Long Term Impact
By publicizing the effects of dog therapy and providing animal welfare education, Oknooshoon will help improve the stigma around stray and shelter dogs. This will present opportunities to expand dog therapy all throughout Armenia and increase dog adoptions from shelters.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized on The Paros Foundation website and on all relevant press regarding this project. In addition, sponsors will also be included in an Oknooshoon e-newsletter in 2019.
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Mr. Vladimer Oganezov

United Kingdom July 21, 2021
Anonymous User

Ms. Nairi Krafian

MA, United States February 4, 2021
Anonymous User

Ms. Rose Kachadoorian

Salem, OR
In Honor Of Lydia Kachadoorian's Birthday January 17, 2021
Anonymous User

Yardumian Khodaverdian Family

Malden, MA December 1, 2020
Anonymous User

Allison Family Charitable Foundation

Belmont, MA February 13, 2020
Anonymous User


United States February 4, 2020
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Updates: Images & Information

March 12, 2020

Oknooshoon dog handler and "Dobby" visit residents at Warm Hearth, who greatly benefit from their interactions.