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Nor Hachen Museum Project


The town of Nor Hachen is located in the Kotayk region of Armenia and has a population of about 10,000 people. The town was named Nor Hachen in memory of the historic Armenian town of Hachen in Cilicia.

In 1973, a memorial to the Hachen resistance was erected in the town. The memorial is home to the museum of “History of the Armenians of Cilicia.” Every year, on the 2nd Sunday of October, Armenians from all over the world, mainly descendants of the historical town of Hachen, gather to commemorate the 1920 Hachen Resistance. The museum houses many important historical artifacts, including relics from the Armenian Genocide.

The museum, established in the 1970’s, would greatly benefit from additional funds for basic upkeep, preservation of artifacts, renovations to the physical space and operational costs. Sponsorship of this project will help care for these needs and improve the museums condition bringing more and more visitors to Nor Hachen to learn about the rich history of the Armenian people.

One such example if the story go Aguile Tatoulian. During the Armenian Genocide, she shaved off her hair and dressed herself up in men’s fatigues in order to protect herself and defend her city of 35,000, which was being raped and pillaged by the Turks. She was shot in her left rib and lived with that bullet for 67 years. She was 1 of 9 women who survived the massacres of Hachen in 1918. A couple of months after she survived, she wrote and staged a play to raise relief funds for survivors. Before she died in 1985, she requested she not be buried with a Turkish bullet -it sits in the Nor Hachen museum.



City / Village

Nor Hachn

Start Date


End Date

October 2023

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need

The Nor Hachen museum which houses many important historical artifacts, including relics from the Armenian Genocide is in need of additional funds for basic upkeep, preservation of artifacts, renovations to the physical space and operational costs.

Short Term Impact
The short term impact will be to immediately preserve artifacts and complete any needed renovations to the building as well as provide an
Long Term Impact
In the long term this project will contribute to the knowledge of the Armenian struggle of Cilicia and provide the financial support needed for the museum to operate comfortably well into the future.
Sponsors Benefits

Your donation to sponsor the Nor Hachen museum will be recognized on a plaque at the museum, on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to Nor Hachen when you are in Armenia.

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Kizirian Family

Redondo Beach, CA April 22, 2021
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Assadour & Lena Kizirian

Redondo Beach, CA November 27, 2018
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Asbed & Lori Tatoulian

United States November 27, 2018
Anonymous User

Mr. Richard Nigosian

New York, NY June 9, 2018
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Gretchen Albarian

Hermosa Beach, CA December 12, 2016
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Viken & Salpi Mankerian

Sierra Madre, CA
In Memory Of Edward Tatoulian August 23, 2016
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Updates: Images & Information

July 8, 2019

SERVICE Armenia 2019 worked at the Nor Hachen Museum, as one of their work sites for their service work. They spent several days, clearing out the backyard space, pruning trees, removing rocks and debris and spreading top spoil along with the Nor Hachen residents in order to prepare the area for the future park and leisure area.

October 27, 2023

The park is officially completed! Locals and museum patrons can now comfortably enjoy the beautiful Nor Hachen views from the park.