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Musical Armenia


Musical Armenia was founded in 2017, to support youth music education in Armenia. They believe that every child in Armenia should have access to music education, regardless of financial means. Musical Armenia has partnered with The Paros Foundation to help provide tuition scholarships and instruments for underprivileged children. Musical Armenia is solely supported by individual donors.

This project aims to provide full, ongoing music scholarships to children from socially vulnerable families in Vanadzor who attend the Orran Center and children in need from Nork Marash who attend the Andreasyan School of Music. The budget includes funds allocated for securing instruments, transportation costs and other related expenses whenever needed.

Your contribution of $14 per month ($168 per year) will sponsor one child for the duration of one year. Sponsorship in any amount is welcomed.


Lori, Yerevan

City / Village

Vanadzor, Nork Marash

Start Date

January 2023

End Date

December 2024
Musical Armenia
$500 of $14,000 raised
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Donation Total: $100 One Time

The Need

Children who attend the Orran Center in Vanadzor and the Andreasyan School of Music in Nork Marash have been identified who would like to study music, but are unable to pay for tuition due to their family’s economic condition.

Short Term Impact

Children will study music in a warm and nurturing environment. This includes learning an instrument, studying music theory, and having the opportunity to sing in the school choir (optional). In addition, the project increases teacher salaries, since teachers are paid per student and the project increases the number of students.

Long Term Impact

Musical education teaches discipline, helps develop good work ethic, increases self-esteem and empowers children. This project will sponsor children for the duration of their studies (maximum 8 years), making a lasting investment in the child’s development. The goal is to inspire and allow the children to explore their talents and reach their full potential. Furthermore, this project has the potential to promote Armenia’s rich culture.

Sponsors Benefits

All sponsors will be recognized on The Paros Foundation and Musical Armenia websites. In addition, donors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project.

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