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Mentoring Girls in Gyumri


Nor Luyce’s program aims at stabilizing emotions, forming values, self-esteem and self-confidence of all our mentees, arming them with knowledge and skills, which will provide them with an opportunity to take steps toward a sustainable future, while breaking the stereotype that getting married as the fastest way of getting out of the orphanage. Nor Luyce is trying to empower teenagers with their own voice by providing mentoring relationships and applicable skills.

In order to improve the future and career opportunities for girls from socially disadvantage families and orphanages, we created a 3-phase, 3-year mentoring program that impacts approximately 40 girls a year. Currently, we are seeking funding for our first phase, which will provide a mentoring to 15 new Nor Luyce beneficiaries, aged 14.

Our Mentoring Phase program covers 11 months, during which 15 girls, aged 14, from socially vulnerable families and orphanages receive mentoring. Each mentor-mentee pair meet approximately 40 times for individual meetings as well as partake in 20 group meetings. During our mentoring phase, we also focus on empowering participants to become active community members through service activities, cultural events, and building leadership through various responsibilities such as presenting information to their peers and other organization members. We also offer tutoring services for any participant who is struggling academically.

In order to decrease the likelihood that girls will be trafficked or married off at a young age, we strive to provide teenagers with a positive role model and a strong connection with other girls and prominent community leaders. We focus on career aspirations and how to create the best version of themselves, using the traits, skills, and strengths the participants already possess. We also believe, that in order to empower young girls, we need to have a comprehensive approach to their development, as such following the first phase we then focus on skill-building trainings, career development, and offer scholarships for higher education. As of now, we have twelve girls in a higher education institution.



City / Village


Start Date

January 2017

End Date

August 2019

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Due to severe poverty, several hundred children live in institutions in Gyumri even though they may have a parent. Young women living in orphanages and boarding schools in Gyumri are at a high risk of not pursing higher education, being married off at a young age, or even becoming victims of abuse or trafficking. Mentoring these women through the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center helps provide these women skills, direction and goals for the future.
Short Term Impact
In the short term: • 15 mentees will partake in at least 40 one-on-one meetings with their mentor • 25 mentees will take part in at least 10 group meetings focusing on various life skills such as moving from dreams to reality, conflict resolution, stress management, etc. • All 15 mentor-mentee pairs will complete at least one community service activity • All mentees will take part in at least 10 overall group meetings focused on creating a global perspective on issues such as different cultures, human rights, government, etc. • All mentees will take part in at least one international event such as International Women’s Day, International Human Rights Day, etc. • Mentees will receive job shadowing experience at local job site • All 15 mentees will create a presentation and lead a group discussion
Long Term Impact

In the long-term participants will:
• Will have increase in their academic performance by end of program year
• Will have increased time management skills
• Will create a career plan with short and long term goals
• Will continue onto Nor Luyce’s other 2 phases and become a more well-rounded, active, and confident individual.

Sponsors Benefits
Sponsor will be recognized on both the Nor Luyce and The Paros Foundation websites, social media sites and in all appropriate press related to this project. Donors will also be mentioned in the Nor Luyce e-newsletter and be given regular progress reports on the girl’s progress during their university studies.
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Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sharon Chackerian

San Francisco, CA April 6, 2019
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The 100 Years, 100 Facts Project

El Segundo, CA February 4, 2019
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Mr. Bruce Sarkisian

Greensboro, GA
In Honor Of Sela Sarkisian's Birthday November 10, 2018
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Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sharon Chackerian

San Francisco, CA May 28, 2018
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Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Michelle Chackerian

Berkeley, CA January 14, 2018
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United States December 25, 2017
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Updates: Images & Information

January 7, 2018

The first meeting of the 2018 program year was organized for the Skill Building Phase mentees. Mentees finilized the research papers on their preferred topics.