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Medical Center in Yervandashat


The village of Yervandashat is situated on the border with Turkey and overlooks the junction of the Arax and Akhurian Rivers. This village was one of the ancient capitals of greater Armenia in its prime. In its current state, this isolated village severely lacks resources. The Yervandashat Medical Clinic, which also provides services to two other border villages, is in poor condition and in need of new equipment and repairs, which will be completed in two phases. Phase one will include new windows and doors, repair of a water seepage problem, and upgraded medical equipment in order to serve the medical and healthcare needs of the residents. The clinic needs an Ophthalmoscope, a Glucose Meter with strips and lancets, thermometer and a computer. Phase two will include repairs to the interior walls and ceilings, including paint. Phase two will be completed once it is certain that the water seepage problem has been repaired and the structure given time to dry out. The Mayor of Yervandashat is committed to bringing water to the clinic.



City / Village


Start Date


End Date

Six months from start date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Armenia’s rural regions are in need of proper medical facilities in order to meet the community’s basic health care requirements, including vaccinations for children. Capital repairs and some medical equipment are fundamental in order to allow this center to operate and serve its own residents and residents of nearby villages and communities.
Short Term Impact
In the short-term the Yervandashat Medical Center will obtain an Ophthalmoscope, a Glucose Meter with strips and lancets, new windows and doors, followed by minor renovations done to the building. The renovations and equipment will immediately better facilitate the health needs of the residents. Materials will be purchased locally whenever possible, thus providing a boost to the local economy. Two to three local workers will be hired during the renovation process thus providing these residents short-term employment.
Long Term Impact
The long-term impacts include improved morale and well-being of community members, a consistent source of reliable health care services, and, ultimately, improved community health.
Sponsors Benefits
All donors will be recognized on a plaque inside the medical center, on all relevant press related to this important project and your name listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to the Yervandashat Medical Clinic for sponsors visiting Armenia.
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Mr. Roger Strauch & Dr. Julie Kulhanjian

Berkeley, CA January 1, 2016
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Mr. & Mrs. Hrant & Ayda Candan

Elmhurst, NY September 21, 2015
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Hrant & Ayda Candan

Elmhurst, NY October 29, 2014
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Nishan & Houry Minakyan

Elmhurst, NY October 29, 2014
Anonymous User

Mr. Michael Candan

Elmhurst, NY October 29, 2014
Anonymous User

The Green Bean

Armenia March 15, 2014
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Updates: Images & Information

November 18, 2015

Renovations are completed at the Medical Center in the village of Yervandashat!