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Med-Aid ARMENIA 2020/2022


Health care for residents living in Armenia’s remote and/or poverty stricken areas is very hard to find and difficult to afford. Residents in these communities have a high rate of health issues that could otherwise be prevented or cured if they had access to simple medical care. In order to help remedy this unfortunate situation, The Paros Foundation has launched Med-Aid ARMENIA.

Sponsorship of this project will help raise the necessary funds needed to obtain basic medical equipment, supplies and medicine. In-kind donations of any of these items are also welcomed. Furthermore, we specifically need physicians, nurses, pharmacists and more to help our volunteers conduct physical exams and provide basic medical care.


Throughout Armenia

City / Village

Throughout Armenia

Start Date

January 2020

End Date

December 2022
Med-Aid ARMENIA 2020-2022
$13,603 of $15,000 raised
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The Need

Health care for residents living in Armenia’s remote and/or poverty stricken areas is very hard to find and almost impossible to afford. This can cause a lifetime of medical issues, which can be otherwise prevented. Residents living in these areas are in need of basic medical aid in order to prevent serious health issues in the future

Short Term Impact

In the short term, equipment and medical supplies will be provided to clinics in impoverished areas to be used for patient care.

Long Term Impact

Residents of remote and poverty stricken villages will have a decreased occurrence of health issues in the future. As this program expands, repeat visits will create more access to health care and in turn increase the overall health and well being of this population.

Sponsors Benefits

Your donation to sponsor the Med-Aid ARMENIA 2020 will be recognized on The Paros Foundation website and in all appropriate press related to this important project.

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Sierra Madre, CA June 29, 2022
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. Krikor & Arda Deramerian

Sierra Madre, CA June 29, 2022
Anonymous User

Ms. Julieta Serobyan

Los Angeles, CA June 10, 2022
Anonymous User

Dr. Victoria Kaprielian

Durham, NC January 29, 2022
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Linda Cirella

Beverly Hills, CA December 27, 2021
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Arka & Nelly Kargodorian

Walnut Creek, CA December 24, 2021
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