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Knights of Vartan School 106-Improvement Projects


Նորք (Nork) is a neighborhood in the Armenian capital Yerevan. It is located in the Nork-Marash District. The school currently has 1,010 students enrolled from grades 1-12. The school has 2 buildings in its original condition since being built in 1981.

The Knights of Vartan since 1993 has supported the #106 school in Yerevan which since 1995 officially was known as the Knights of Vartan #106 Public School. It is one of the many schools the Knights of Vartan has supported via its partnership with the World Bank Armenian Social Investment Fund and the ATDF.

Through years some support such as renovating the roofing, installing new heating system, supporting teachers and Christmas gifts for pupils were implemented.  In 2019, a complete renovation of the gym, locker rooms and adjacent bathrooms took place.

The school’s hallways are in need of new electrical and windows, and the school’s auditorium needs a complete renovation.


Yerevan Երևան

City / Village

Nork Նորք

Start Date

May 2020

End Date

August 2020
KOV 106-Improvement Projects
$26,000 of $29,000 raised
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The Need
The Knights of Vartan School 106 serves more than 1,000 children. Broken and leaking windows and insufficient and dangerous lighting in the hallways need to be replaced. The school’s auditorium that is used constantly for gatherings, rehearsals, etc. needs a full cosmetic renovation to better serve the students.
Short Term Impact
In the short term, a local crew will be hired to replace the windows and hallway electrical and lighting, thus creating a safer and more comfortable environment for the school. In addition, the improvements to the school’s auditorium will create a more functional, cheerful space for the many groups utilizing this space on a weekly basis.
Long Term Impact
In the longer term, keeping the school’s infrastructure and investing in the education of the scores of children that will attend this school in the years to come will dramatically benefit the community including the teachers, children and other staff. A sense of community, unity with the Diaspora and pride in one’s surroundings will be instilled and reinforced.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized on The Paros Foundation website, in appropriate press released to this project, and on a plaque installed at Knights of Vartan School 106.
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Knights & Daughters of Vartan Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge & the Zabelle Otyag

Farmington Hills, MI March 18, 2021
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Knights & Daughters of Vartan Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge & the Zabelle Otyag

Bloomfield Hills, MI March 14, 2020

Updates: Images & Information

April 16, 2020

Work began at the School today to make improvements on the hallway lighting and replacement of all the hallway windows. Once this work is completed, the crew will begin the renovation of the school's auditorium.