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Kindergarten for Vahagnadzor


The villages of Vahagnadzor and Vahagni are approximately three miles away from one another in the Lori Region (north of the city of Vanadzor.) Neither village has an operating kindergarten for its children. These villages are located along the north – south railway line. Immediately to the south of Vahagnadzor is a rail switching station. Several people from the village of Vahagni work at the station and pass through Vahagnadzor daily solving any potential transportation issues. It is estimated that approximately 10 of the potential students will come from the village of Vahagni.

A kindergarten building owned by the village of Vahagnadzor exists and is in good condition. $700 in funding is needed to connect the kindergarten to the water and gas networks. The Kindergarten would operate year-round with running water and heat. The village mayor has secured local donations and support to staff and operate the program, but gas for heating and cooking and water for cooking and the restroom is necessary.



City / Village


Start Date

August 2013

End Date

September 2013

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Preschool and kindergarten education for children ages 3 to 6 has many proven and well-documented benefits. Children in the villages of Vahagnadzor and Vahagni do not currently have these educational opportunities and therefore begin their elementary school education at a disadvantage.
Short Term Impact
Five people will be employed either part or full time to operate the school. In addition, 22 children ages 3 to 6 will receive appropriate kindergarten instruction.
Long Term Impact
In addition to the employment and direct instruction of a minimum of 22 children, the villages of Vahagnadzor and Vahagni will deepen their cooperation through this collaborative project.
Sponsors Benefits
All donors will be recognized in all press materials related to this kindergarten project and on The Paros Foundation website. Visits to the kindergarten will be arranged for donors visiting Armenia.
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian

Glendale, CA September 10, 2013
Anonymous User

Mr. Richard Alonso and Mrs. Lori Keurian Alonso

Manhasset, NY
SERVICE Armenia August 10, 2013

Updates: Images & Information

October 1, 2014

The kindergarten's gas connection is complete and the children are now happily attending.