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Kindergarten & Preschool for Paruyr Sevak Village


The village of Paruyr Sevak was founded in 1978 and named after the famous poet Paruyr Sevak.  The village is located in the Ararat Region and is near the border of Nakhchivan and occasionally receives cross border sniper fire.  Almost 600 people live in the village of Paruyr Sevak.  Currently 16 children attend the preschool.  The village does not have a working kindergarten, nor an appropriate public gathering space for events and activities.  There is no gas infrastructure in the area, so families burn wood or use electricity to heat their homes and public buildings.  Improvements were recently made to the drinking water infrastructure for homes in Paruyr Sevak.  Irrigation water continues to be a problem for the village and dramatically effects their ability to farm.

The goal of this project is to rebuild several wings of the building that currently houses the preschool.  This will facilitate three major things for the village.  First, it will allow for the expansion for the preschool to accommodate additional children who are not attending due to the current poor conditions.  Second, it will allow the village of Paruyr Sevak to establish a kindergarten for the village.  Currently the village has 33 children awaiting the establishment of a kindergarten.  This will help these children receive the benefits of early education.  Finally, the renovation of a large assembly hall will allow the village to have an appropriate space to gather for various meetings and community activities.

This project will be implemented in phases as funding becomes available.  The first phase will include the renovation of the second story preschool space and will cost $18,500.  The second phase will include the renovation of the first story kindergarten space and the adjacent kitchen and will cost $28,500.  The third and final phase will include the renovation of the main entryway, the community assembly hall and the building’s entry courtyard and will cost $22,000.



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Paruyr Sevak KG & PreK
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The Need
The village of Paruyr Sevak has a small working preschool that needs renovation in order to better serve the community. In addition, children currently do not have a kindergarten to attend. The community as a whole does not have an appropriate assembly hall to meet for various events and activities.
Short Term Impact
In the short term, all of the preschool and kindergarten aged children will benefit from the newly renovated facilities. Additional jobs will be created at both the preschool and kindergarten, and during the reconstruction phase of the building. Materials will be purchased locally whenever possible, to help the local economy.
Long Term Impact
In the longer term, children in the village will benefit from early education and the villagers will have an appropriate space for community gatherings and events.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors of this project will be listed on The Paros Foundation website, on a plaque at the building’s entrance in Paruyr Sevak, and in any press related to this important project. Visits to the village can be arranged for sponsors and their families during visits to Armenia.
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. John & Beth Hamparian

Inverness, IL December 28, 2021
Anonymous User

Susan & Stepan Piligian

Westford, MA
In Honor Of Stepan Piligian's Birthday December 28, 2021
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. John & Beth Hamparian

Inverness, IL November 24, 2021
Anonymous User

Piligian Family

Westford, MA November 24, 2021
Anonymous User

Ms. Renée Deramerian

Sierra Madre, CA
June 20, 2021
Anonymous User

Ms. Tiffany Matevosyan

Glendale, CA June 18, 2021
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May 19, 2019

Work began today on the second floor classroom spaces that will house the new pre-school.

July 16, 2019

Work is completed on the second floor classroom space. Now the crew is beginning the phase two work which includes the new main entrance, staircase, hallway and kitchen.

September 5, 2019

Today the Piligian and Hamparian families who are the primary sponsors of this project, visited the village of Paruyr Sevak and sponsored a gala celebration for the work that has been completed to date!

January 13, 2020

With work on phase two nearing completion, our work crew has begun the renovation of the first floor kindergarten space.

February 29, 2020

After a considerable amount of research, our Paros staff concluded the most effective heating system for this large building is an electricity fired boiler and radiators to heat all newly renovated spaces. Our heating specialist was able to tie in the existing partial solar heating system for additional benefit.

March 7, 2020

The work on the first floor kindergarten classroom spaces is also complete and the crew is now working on the second floor auditorium.

April 9, 2020

Today our crew finished the interior work. The children will return to both the kindergarten and the newly opened pre-school as soon as the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. We will continue to work with the project sponsors to tackle the work on the grounds next.

July 9, 2021

Today our SERVICE Armenia participants spent the day at P. Sevak helping paint some of the verandas in the playground space.  Thanks to participant's donations, these structures were rebuilt and will offer both students, staff and families shelter from the heat!  

August 27, 2021

Thanks to the generous continued support from the Piligian and Hamparian families, the village's medical center, which is located next to the kindergarten's kitchen, is being renovated!  Work began today and should be completed within a few weeks.