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Helping to Distribute Humanitarian Aid


The Shirak Centre NGO, established in 2006, completes important work to empower the forgotten population of Gyumri, Armenia. The population of Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city has endured some very devastating realities. The tragic 1988 Spitak Earthquake claimed the lives of 25,000 people and left more than 100,000 residents homeless, plagued with unemployment and rampant poverty for years to come.

Under the direction of organization president Vahan Tumasyan, the Shirak Centre NGO aims to support families from different socio-economic classes and various social groups by educating them about their social rights and civil liberties and creating opportunities for them to exchange new political ideas and strategies, develop democracy, and strengthen their economy. On a daily basis the Shirak Centre NGO deals with the socio-political issues important to the people of Gyumri, along with helping them negotiate with local authorities, promote coalition building and conflict resolution. Furthermore, through several projects, humanitarian aid, and seminars, the Centre helps to promote human rights, homeless advocacy, and works to strengthen leadership skills among young people.

The Paros Foundation has worked with the Shirak Centre NGO on completing several projects including identifying a homeless family and moving them into a new home and supplying 90 families with firewood for fuel during this harsh winter. The Centre has since continued to meet the needs of the Gyumri population by continuing to distribute necessities such as more firewood and warm clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, it is becoming financially difficult for the Shirak Centre NGO to keep up with the high costs associated to renting vehicles needed to distribute humanitarian supplies.



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One month after funds are raised

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Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
The Shirak Centre NGO delivers thousands of pounds of humanitarian goods annually all with rented vehicles. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with these costs. In order to be able to continue to provide the people of Gyumri with humanitarian aid, the Shirak Centre NGO is in need of their own vehicle to reduce distribution costs.
Short Term Impact
A fully functioning vehicle will be identified, purchased and given to the Shirak Centre NGO. The Centre will immediately save on transportation costs and will no longer need to rent other vehicles for distribution of humanitarian aid.
Long Term Impact
Owning their own vehicle will enable the Shirak Centre NGO to continue their important humanitarian work and be able to positively impact more families and children in need without high transportation costs for years to come.
Sponsors Benefits
Your donation to sponsor purchase of a functioning vehicle for the Shirak Centre NGO will be recognized on the vehicle itself on the Centre’s website and in their printed materials. Your name will also be listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project.
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Ohanian Family Foudnation, Inc.

Winchester, MA December 26, 2015
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Mr. & Mrs. Herman & Shooshig Hintiryan

Oak Park, MI December 3, 2015
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Mr. & Mrs. David & Nairy Colello

Danville, CA August 4, 2015
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Cultural Society of Armenians from Istanbul

Southfield, MI April 25, 2015
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Mr. & Mrs. Marc & Krista Janigian

Cranston, RI November 28, 2014
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Ms. Rosalind Mashoian

Redwood City, CA November 28, 2014
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Updates: Images & Information

February 4, 2015

The Paros Foundation staff & team delivered a new truck to the Shirak Center NGO during their visit to Gyumri. Shirak Center can immediately use the truck for distribution of humanitarian aid.