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Healthy Teeth 2020


Dental hygiene is commonly overlooked in poverty-stricken regions around the world, including Armenia, for the obvious fact that the population has more pressing concerns such as securing everyday necessities like food, shelter and clothing. In the light of all these hardships, brushing one’s teeth for two minutes, twice a day seems trivial and indeed insignificant.

The Healthy Teeth Project aims to make oral hygiene and health attainable for children living in poverty stricken areas throughout Armenia. Through this project The Paros Foundation, along with supporters and volunteers, hopes to raise awareness about the importance of promoting good dental hygiene in Armenian children. Furthermore, through this effort we hope to prevent more extensive dental problems, which would cause more serious health issues in the future.

The Healthy Teeth project was launched in 2013. Since then over 15,000 items, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwash and dental floss, have been distributed throughout Armenia and Artsakh.

Joe Chelebian, an Armenian-American from Los Angeles and SERVICE Armenia 2019 participant, will be spearheading this effort for the second year. Joe will launch a charity drive to raise funds and dental hygiene products (including toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss) from his community at St. James Armenian Church in Los Angeles. He hopes to return to Armenia this summer, to help distribute the items throughout Armenia.


Throughout Armenia

City / Village

Throughout Armenia

Start Date

January 2020

End Date

December 2020

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need

Due to more pressing concerns, dental care and hygiene is commonly overlooked in poverty-stricken regions in Armenia. This can cause a lifetime of dental problems and oral disease. Children in these areas are in need of dental supplies in order to be able to practice good oral hygiene and prevent serious dental issues in the future.

Short Term Impact

Children will receive basic dental hygiene instruction in a form they can easily understand, along with the proper instruments to care for their teeth.

Long Term Impact

Children will have the ability to care for their teeth on a regular basis with the dental supplies they will receive, hence decrease the chance of tooth decay and serious oral issues in their future.

Sponsors Benefits

Your donation to sponsor the Healthy Teeth Project will be recognized on The Paros Foundation website and in all appropriate press related to this important project.

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Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Sofia Nikssarian

Los Angeles, CA June 15, 2020
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Ms. Lynn Bedrosian

Torrance, CA March 11, 2020
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Dr. Jeffrey Bogosian & Dr. Joan Yazejian

Rolling Hills, CA February 23, 2020
Anonymous User

Mr. Paul Kassabian

Wakefield, RI February 20, 2020
Anonymous User

Ms. Patricia Samarge

Los Angeles, CA January 6, 2020
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Ms. Lily Ring Balian

Los Angeles, CA January 5, 2020
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