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GOALS for #everygirl EBRD Community Initiative


We are back-to-school and Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer (GOALS) is getting ready to relaunch its girls soccer leagues. Because of the recent pandemic children have been mostly isolated at home and most after-school activities had been either canceled or moved online. Children have been isolated from each other and haven’t been able to partake in physical activities. We are very eager to bring sports back to regional Armenia and give the opportunity to our girls to get back on the field. As you know health and hygiene education are more relevant than ever. GOALS has developed a new curriculum to ensure that our 80 teams across 8 regions of Armenia are practicing not only a healthy physical lifestyle, and keeping to hygiene norms, but also have a safe space to work on mental health. The topic of health and hygiene is underrated in Armenia, especially among rural communities. We know that by incorporating learning about health and hygiene into our sports activities we will be able to fundamentally improve the lives of over 1000 girls. Our anticipated indirect impact is estimated at over 5000 community members across Armenia. This is your chance to contribute to the overall wellbeing of our girls and Armenia. Your contributions will go towards ensuring our communities have the tools necessary to organize safe and healthy sports activities, this includes, uniforms, sports equipment, medical kits, masks, thermometers, etc. Every dollar you contribute to this project will be matched by our amazing partner. Subject to its rules, funding raised through this campaign will be matched by the EBRD Community Initiative to a maximum of EUR 50,000. The EBRD Community Initiative is a program dedicated to support staff who are engaged with local organizations helping communities in the EBRD countries of operations.


Throughout Armenia

City / Village

80 Communities

Start Date

September 2020

End Date

April 2021

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.


Dear Supporters and friends of GOALS,

The pain and sorrow that we face as a nation and as a people are inexplicable. For the past 44 days, we have endured unimaginable crimes against our nation. We are mourning the loss of thousands of heroes who fell during brave battles and the loss of our historical lands. We are left with an empty feeling of despair but in these difficult times, we must remember that this is not the end. We will continue to fight for what is right and for our nation. We will continue to stand strong and united.

The past month’s events disturbed our way of life and changed priorities. Now we have a country to rebuild and families to support. Over 30,000 children have been displaced by war, and they need our love and support in these difficult times. We have an obligation to protect their childhood, their right to family life, education, and leisure.

War and military conflict negatively impact on the mental wellbeing of both adults and children. We have evidenced this during the past month while working with children from Artsakh and Armenia. From day one of the war GOALS started organizing activities and games for children that had been displaced because of the war, trying to give them a sense of normalcy. GOALS is committed to the inclusion and expansion of all activities for children displaced by the war. We will continue to increase our efforts and services and evolve to accommodate current needs.

As Armenians and allies around the world, I call on you, supporters of GOALS and beyond, to help us make a change in the lives of these children. Now they need us more than ever. Without your donations, we will be unable to continue carrying out these activities, let alone scaling up our efforts. We will not be able to provide organized leisure activities, outdoor exercise, and a safe haven from all the pain and uncertainty for our children.

Remember that all donations will be matched by the EBRD Community Initiative to a maximum of EUR 50,000. The EBRD Community Initiative is a program dedicated to support staff who are engaged with local organizations helping communities in the EBRD countries of operations.

United, we are stronger.

The Need
Throughout Armenia, there are limited opportunities for girls to play soccer. Despite having a strong desire to do so, girls cannot find the resources necessary or sporting groups that make experiencing the game a possibility. In addition, organized sport participation has several benefits to youth development such as leadership skills, teamwork skills, confidence building and improved overall physical health. The GOALS organization helps give young women the chance to play soccer through their GOALS Leagues, Media, Coach and Referee trainings, Camps and After-school Clubs while helping Armenian communities change the broader mindset limiting girls and women in many aspects of their lives and see that girls can and should be future leaders of their country!
Short Term Impact
GOALS will fill the gap of the lack of afterschool activities in the regions of Armenia and non-formal education and development opportunities. Along with providing immediate health and hygiene education through sports, we will also facilitate conversations around mental health and wellbeing in a post-COVID world.
Long Term Impact
In the long-term, public opinion regarding girls’ participation in soccer is changing, paving for the way for greater sports and leadership opportunities. We see a movement toward more inclusive soccer leagues that start at a young age and continue, also contributing to a competitive National Team for Armenia.
Sponsors Benefits
Sponsors will be listed on The Paros Foundation website, on the GOALs website and in all relevant press of this important project.
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