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GOALS Armenia Soccer Girls' Leadership Camp


Help us bring the spirit and fun of the Women’s World Cup to Armenia!

Women’s soccer is exploding all over the world and Armenia is no exception. Thanks to your support, today GOALS girls’ leagues are in 8 of Armenia’s 10 regions!! As the world celebrates female athletes in France this summer, GOALS will be holding soccer and leadership camps to bring the joy of sport to Armenia. GOALS is the only NGO working in Armenia to raise awareness and access to sports for girls, shattering stereotypes along the way. We use sport for education outside the classroom with programs about leadership, gender equality, and civic activism.



Throughout Armenia

City / Village

Throughout Armenia

Start Date

June 2019

End Date

December 2019

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

● Stereotypes towards girls playing soccer
● Lack of youth activism
● No academic curriculum about gender equality, leadership skills and civic activism
● No opportunities and resources for youth sports programs
● Lack of knowledge about informal learning

How we solve the problems:

Youth Training Camp: $10,000

● Develop soccer and life skills for 15 elite soccer players from every part of Armenia through participation in a week-long, eleite soccer leadership training program.

● Improve civic activism throughout the regions of Armenia and bolster youth to become change agents through funding for youth-led and youth-owned programs in communities where participants live to be held after their completion of the training camp.  These small grant programs will further impact 150 rural youth.

● Connect participants with international change agents through international speakers and individual connections to the GOALS network.

Cross-Cultural events: $1,500 (for two events)
● Create opportunity for girls to travel to Yerevan to partake in cross-cultural, competitive matches events, introducing local youth to diaspora Armenians and exposing participants to different perspectives and ideas, broadening their horizons.

Leadership Summer Camps: $6,000 (Each camp $2,000)
● Create three, 3-day summer camps, bringing together 145 youth from 18 different communities.
● Create a network of strong girls in the region, while allowing them to build new friendships, teamwork, and skills to compete.
● Dedicate one of the summer camps to the Women’s World Cup, raising awareness about inspiring women soccer players and World Cup countries.

● Hold public events with the Embassy of France in Armenia raising awareness about Women’s World Cup and drawing support for women’s soccer.

National Tournament: $4,000
● Bring all first-place teams from each of GOALS 8 leagues, from 8 regions of Armenia, to participate in GOALS National Tournament and identify the GOALS champion of the year!
● Create networking event for possible recruitment of GOALS players and chance to meet international and national activists.

Brief timeline of project:
National Tournament will be held in June 2019
1 Leadership Summer Camp will be held during the Women’s World Cup 2019
2 Leadership Summer Camp will be held during July & August 2019
Youth Training Camp will be held during July 2019
2 Cross-Cultural events will be held during July-August 2019

GOALS needs supporters of every kind; donations, sponsors, and volunteers. If you are interested or have questions about where and how GOALS works you can contact us directly at Investing in GOALS is an investment in the future women leaders of Armenia … and remember, a little bit goes a long way.

The Need

Throughout Armenia, there are limited opportunities for girls to play soccer. Despite having a strong desire to do so, girls cannot find the resources necessary or sporting groups that make experiencing the game a possibility. In addition, organized sport participation has several benefits to youth development such as leadership skills, teamwork skills, confidence building and improved overall physical health. The GOALS organization helps give young women the chance to play soccer through their GOALS Leagues, Media, Coach and Referee trainings, Camps and After-school Clubs while helping Armenian communities change the broader mindset limiting girls and women in many aspects of their lives and see that girls can and should be future leaders of their country!

Short Term Impact

By the end of summer 2019, we will hold three three-day “Soccer Leadership Summer Camps” in three regions of the country. In each camp, 40 girls aged 14-16 from different villages in four communities are recruited and brought to the camp venue, impacting a total of 120 participants from 12 communities. Additionally, GOALS will organize two cross-cultural events, with the potential high-schoolers of AGBU school visiting Armenia, impacting over 60 participants. In June 2019, GOALS will hold a national tournament in cooperation with the Football Federation of Armenia and US Embassy in Armenia. The winners of each GOALS league, eight teams, 96 players (each team: 12 girls 12-17 years old) from 8 regions of Armenia, will participate in the final tournament. This will encourage players to recognize their skill level in comparison with the teams from other communities, make new friends, and also be seen by the audience and international guests. Through Youth Training Camp, five female soccer players from across Armenia total of 15 participants will become change agents in their community through participation in a sport leadership elite training camp in Hanqavan, Armenia.

Long Term Impact

In the long-term, public opinion regarding girls’ participation in soccer is changing, paving for the way for greater sports and leadership opportunities. We see a movement toward more inclusive soccer leagues that start at a young age and continue, also contributing to a competitive National Team for Armenia.

Sponsors Benefits

Sponsors of this project will be recognized on The Paros Foundation and GOALS websites, at the camps and in all press related to this project. The GOALS organization will also begin sending updates through their newsletter in which they will also thank and recognize sponsors. In addition, GOALS will send personalized team photos and progress reports to sponsors of leagues and/or teams

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