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Goal for Armenia


We would like to provide soccer balls to the children who are living in the outermost villages of Armenia. These are truly the poorest areas of the country and where the most “in need” people are living. Our goal is to deliver 500 soccer balls. We are hopeful that you can help us in some small way reach this goal by providing us with soccer balls or a small monetary donation. Thank you for considering our special request. We are so proud to have the opportunity to make this small difference in our world. Please consider helping us reach our goal.

Franklin Chelebian Peter ChelebianFranklin Chelebian     Peter Chelebian



City / Village


Start Date


End Date

Three months after start date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Children living in Armenia’s poverty stricken villages cannot afford a basic toy that would provide them hours of entertainment and good physical exercise like a soccer ball. This effort would help meet this need.
Short Term Impact
Soccer balls will be distributed to schools in isolated and poverty stricken villages to help promote physical fitness and team sports.
Long Term Impact
The lives of several thousand children have the potential to be altered for the better both physically through exercise as well as promoting soccer as a team sport. Who knows, maybe this effort will result in the development of the next Pele’!
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on The Paros Foundation website.
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Lion's Lending Hands - Danielle, Jack & Charles Paul Lion

Fresno, CA December 20, 2015
Anonymous User

Mr. Michael Dagdigian

United States April 9, 2015
Anonymous User

Ms. Susan Nahigian Miller

Pacific Palisades, CA February 26, 2015
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian & Thamar Linnemayr

Los Angeles, CA January 20, 2015
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Rose Kizirian

Redondo Beach, CA January 20, 2015
Anonymous User

Mr. Daniel Behesnilian

Los Angeles, CA January 20, 2015
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