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Following the 1988 Spitak Earthquake, thousands of people were left homeless in the city of Gyumri. Many of these families took refuge in the overseas shipping containers (domiks) that were shipped into Armenia loaded with humanitarian relief supplies. Although more than a quarter century has passed since the earthquake, this depressive reality still remains. Currently, more than 3,500 dilapidated domiks are still scattered throughout Gyumri, about 1,000 of which are vacant. Many families who received homes through government aid did not demolish their old domiks.

Through our Purchase a Home project we have been working hard to find families new homes and demolish their old domiks in order to free Gyumri from these unsafe, unsanitary and depressing reminders of their difficult history. Recently, we have also teamed up with one of our partner organizations from Armenia, Shirak Centre NGO, to find sponsorship for this new and equally important project. Through this project we will work with Shirak Centre NGO to locate and identify the vacant domiks in Gyumri, purchase the domiks from their owners, demolish them and distribute the remaining scraps of wood to other families in need who are still living in domiks and condemned buildings. All remaining materials will be sold for scrap and those funds will be applied towards removing yet another domik. $1,000 is needed in order to complete this process per domik.

Our goal is to take as many domiks off of the market as possible. Demolishing these domiks has several benefits including raising the communities morale, returning land to its former use and providing firewood for fuel to impoverished families. Furthermore, this project has a significant environmental benefits; by using the scraps of wood from the domiks, less and less trees from nearby forests will need to be cut in order to serve this vital need.



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The Need
Currently, about a 1,000 dilapidated and vacant domiks are still scattered throughout Gyumri. Now that they are vacant they need to be removed from the market in order to prevent other impoverished families form moving into these unsafe and unsanitary dwellings. Additionally, Gyumri’s public space has been cluttered with these unpleasant domiks. Removing them will help restore public space and help bring the city back to its former glory.
Short Term Impact
In the short term vacant domiks will immediately be identified, purchased from their owners, and demolished. Scraps of wood will be distributed to other families in need who are still living in domiks and condemned buildings. All remaining materials will be sold for scrap and those funds will be applied towards removing yet another domik. Additionally, jobs will be created for about 10-15 locals in order to help with the process and demolition of these domiks.
Long Term Impact
In the long term, fewer trees will be cut for firewood, public space will be cleared and returned to its previous use and the communities overall morale will improve.
Sponsors Benefits
Sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on The Paros Foundation website.
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December 30, 2023