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Computers for Kids 2


The need for computers is imperative to the development of student’s future. Access to a computer and the Internet helps students obtain innovative skills allowing them to use modern means to complete their homework assignments and open the doors of communication for opportunities all across the world. Many schools, children’s centers, and orphanages are unable to provide access to computers and internet to their student’s due to the high costs of obtaining the items and monthly charges associated with Internet usage.

We hope to be able to purchase and distribute computers to schools, children’s centers and orphanages and give more and more students the opportunity to broaden their skills and abilities. Donations of new and used computers in excellent condition are also welcomed. Sponsorship of this project will include computers and Internet connection for a year for each computer purchased (or donated) for the chosen location.



City / Village


Start Date


End Date

One month from start date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Unfortunately, due to the high cost of computers and the subsequent expenses obtaining Internet access, many schools, children’s centers, and orphanages are unable to provide their students with this necessity. Hence, many students do not receive the same opportunities as others to excel in their studies and learn new technological skills that will positively impact their futures.
Short Term Impact
Students at schools, children’s centers and/or orphanages who do not have computers nor internet access will receive computers with internet access for their use.
Long Term Impact
In the long term, this project has the potential of impacting the lives of hundreds of students and help them gain computer skills that will create greater future opportunities, including career advancements.
Sponsors Benefits
Your donation to sponsor the Computers for Kids project will be recognized by the school, children’s center or orphanage on their website and in their printed materials, and your name will be listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to the school, children’s center or orphanage when you are in Armenia.
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Developmental Service for Armenia

Arcadia, CA November 18, 2015

Updates: Images & Information

December 11, 2015

Computers were distributed and internet was set up for one year at the #154 Primary School in Yerevan.