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Collaborative Park Project Taron IV


The touchstone of the project is that it is a collaborative effort between the community of Taron IV, volunteers, NGO’s, public agencies and entrepreneurial businesses, our national and international friends and supporters. The 6077 sq. meter parcel of vacant land is located on a corner lot bordered by streets, and across the street are 2 secondary schools and a school for disadvantaged children. A bus stop for public transportation is located across the street which could be enhanced with a shelter covering and coordinate into the park design. A concrete wall separating the cemetery from the park is a design opportunity with many variations to consider: A wall of trees or a “green wall” would be a natural barrier. Some of the wall sections could be painted with designs from artists or children in the community. It would also make a pleasant backdrop for the amphitheater where small music concerts or peaceful rallies could be held. The land slopes naturally towards the south and there is a beautiful vista of the mountains in the background where we plan to provide benches for people to enjoy this view. We will be planting trees with the help of the community. These groves of trees will provide shade and shelter during the hot summer months. Shelters would provide a place for nardi and chess games. Walking paths would wind around the park and provide a space to stroll or for rigorous exercise. Good lighting and garbage receptacles would be placed around the park which would help keep the park clean, secure and safe. An open air café would be a comfortable place for having a cup of coffee or glass of juice and would bring in money to sustain maintenance work of the park. The project goals are:

  • To provide a safe, environmentally sensitive park, accessible to people of all ages, throughout the seasons: to encourage and support creative and environmental educational opportunities, recreational activities, to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • To provide the citizens of Taron IV with the skills and expertise needed to provide the park with benches, garbage containers and outdoor seating structures. Skills transfer opportunity.
  • To promote volunteerism, team work and willingness for the community to look for ways to solve their own problems which encourages civic minded thinking.
  • To provide a human rights park to show how local communities and citizen groups can have a voice in how the public space in their community is used, which is a fundamental human right In a Democratic Society.
    The collaborative park project will show ways that the community can become involved with the design and building of their community park which promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility, pride and caretaking for the park. It would also provide the community with a skill transfer component which would train the citizens for future work or potential business opportunities.

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City / Village

Vanadzor Taron IV Neighborhood

Start Date


End Date

Four months after start date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
A community assessment meeting revealed that Taron IV, an outlying district in the city of Vanadzor is lacking an outdoor place for people to meet together as a community, parents to play or walk with their children, youth to participate in healthy activities and elders to play nardi (backgammon) or chess, or a place to engage in discussions. At this meeting it was also identified that it is all too common in Armenia for individuals to buy and own “municipal land” and therefore the community not only loses public space, but has no voice on how the land is developed in their neighborhood. So it was decided at a community workshop that an inter-generational park was needed and should be designed from the ideas and suggestions of the community. Access to a healthy lifestyle and having a collaborative voice on how community space is designed is a civic and social right – a universal human right. Taron IV Park Project is an effort to engage people in the process of how their common open space can be designed and developed. We feel this collaborative park project will actively educate and engage citizens in a process that will help them better understand and appreciate the value of a healthy and sustainable environment as well as empower and involve people in civic life and volunteerism. What the community needs: An amphitheater or a “town hall square” where plays and puppet shows can be staged, music concerts held, and also a place for sharing civic thoughts or ideas. A square or amphitheater would offer people a place to gather, discuss, and reflect. A water feature, maybe a fountain, and sculptures which could be built by artists and children in the community. Pathways, bridge and walkways for access to activities throughout the park Park benches, garbage receptacles, and light fixtures Art Wall/green wall to engage artists and citizens of the community Shelters/sitting areas for the elderly to sit and play nardi or chess Play structures where children can interact in a cooperative and healthy way Exercise track/equipment for youth and others in the community to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Short Term Impact
The population of Taron IV is 7,756. The population is a mix of young families with children, working adults, and the elderly. It is a very poor community and does not have close access to parks which are located in the center of the city of Vanadzor. (104,800 2010 Vanadzor Census) Educational programs have already started at the schools in the community. Helsinki Citizens Assembly-Vanadzor, a Peace Corps volunteer, Fulbright Scholar, students and faculty from Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction and American University in Armenia, other architects and designers in the community are presenting workshops on environmental issues and human rights issues. The community would become immediately involved in their community and civic life with the building of the fence, benches, garbage containers and shelters. The community would experience artists working on the park project and the artistic process could inspire other creative people in the community. The park would be an intergenerational park where people of all ages would come together and enjoy companionship, fun and relaxation. Through the educational workshops we would reach approximately (90) children, who will talk about it with friends and family and reach an estimated (300). The Design workshops conducted by professionals and students (15) and with pictures posted on FaceBook and other social media websites we have reached modestly, over 1500 people. Through the community participation in the building of the fence, benches and garbage containers, the number of people reached (100) Park Information/marketing efforts posted on Helsinki Citizens Assembly –Vanadzor web site count was 1281 during the (month of October 2011.)
Long Term Impact
The spirit of how this project began would remain in the consciousness of many people for years to come and passed down to their children and all generations. The park would mature with trees, which would remind the citizens of Armenia and the natural beauty in their community and country. The artwork would inspire budding artists. The plays and theater and music activities would inspire creative people to pursue their dreams and ambitions.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors to the Taron IV Park project will be listed in printed materials and future proposals regarding the Park, physical locations where appropriate at the Park and in all press material related to the Park project. In addition, sponsors will be listed on The Paros Foundation’s website and in relavant press releases and other public materials. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit when you are in Armenia.
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Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Karmen Dadourian

Manhasset, NY
In Memory Of Alexander Ara Dadourian October 3, 2012

Updates: Images & Information

April 21, 2015

Peter Abajian and Narine Panosian, Paros Foundation Los Angeles-based staff purchase, pack and ship play structures bound for the Vanadzor park.

June 30, 2015

SERVICE Armenia volunteers spend the day assembling the play structures for the park as local children quickly gathered in anticipation of their new play area.

July 20, 2015

Greg Dadourian and his family visited the park, which is dedicated to the memory of his father.