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Aygepar Business Incubator


Aygepar is a village of 675 people located in Armenia’s Tavush region.  The terrain is such that Azerbaijan is surrounding this village on three sides with sniper posts in the hills above.  53 of the village’s men work as contract soldiers guarding this important border and protecting their homes.  Few other jobs exist in this village to support the 210 families that call Aygepar their home.  The village does not have much land to grow crops and/or care for animals, making agribusinesses difficult to implement.  During the Soviet Union, the village of Aygepar was built to sustain workers working at the three (now non-functioning) village factories (tobacco processing, champaign and fruit preserves and compote.)

To address the dire economic situation for Aygepar’s residents, The Paros Foundation will establish a business incubator aimed at establishing conditions to allow the start of several small businesses for local families. With proper oversight, training and guidance villages will be able to launch their businesses in sanitary conditions and take advantage of a larger marketplace. The Paros Foundation has been granted ten year usage of one of three abandoned factories for the project’s use free of charge. The Paros Foundation needs to raise a total of $75,000 to make investments in the facility and to support the launch of this important project.

The Paros Foundation will provide space to locals interested in starting their businesses rent free. In addition, Paros staff is dedicated to investigating and helping secure export opportunities for commodities and/or helping secure distribution to the marketplace.



City / Village


Start Date

August 2020

End Date

Eight Years From Start Date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need

The villagers in the border community of Aygepar need opportunities to work and to care for their families. The village does not have much land to grow crops and care for animals. Most survive with the small gardens they have at their homes. One of three abandoned factories in the village needs to be renovated to launch a Business Incubator to help provide rent-free space and technological knowledge for villages to start their businesses.

Short Term Impact

A construction crew will be immediately hired to make the necessary renovations to the building that will house the Aygepar Business Incubator. Local materials and labor will be utilized that will immediately benefit the local economy.

Long Term Impact

In the long term, village families will benefit from the businesses they are able to start through their work and ownership. The village as a whole will benefit through this increase in income from its residents. Based on the improved economic conditions, villagers will feel more secure and stable in Aygepar, and thus be less likely to consider abandoning their homes and moving elsewhere.

Sponsors Benefits

Sponsors of this project will be listed on The Paros Foundation website, in any appropriately related print or electronic promotional materials, and on a plaque at the Aygepar Business Incubator.

Anonymous User

Mr. Dikran Samourkashian

Cupertino, CA May 17, 2024
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Mihran & Nancy Berejikian

Sacramento, CA
May 9, 2024
Anonymous User

Mr. Mr. Edward Tomassian

Glendale, CA
February 16, 2024
Anonymous User

Dr. & Mrs. Greg & Nadine Koobatian

Madison, CT
December 29, 2023
Anonymous User

Dadourian Foundation

New York, NY December 21, 2023
Anonymous User

Mr. Gerard Rutteman

December 9, 2023
Anonymous User

Dadourian Foundation

New York, NY December 15, 2022
Anonymous User


Studio City, CA May 31, 2022
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Updates: Images & Information

May 1, 2020

After more than a year of researching and planning, our team had made the decision to begin renovation of space and begin the process of job creation by launching the first of the many businesses envisioned at the Aygepar Business Incubator. We decided it would be much more beneficial for the community to have the opportunity to utilize quality, clean and secure space for their business, rather than promote any one specific business. Initial serious consideration was given to open a mushroom farm in the space, but due to the inability to attract technical expertise in the form of a project partner, it was determined that this is a much better path to follow.

August 12, 2020

A new roof was built and installed over one half of the building to allow us to launch the first businesses including a rabbit farm and fertilizer production.

December 23, 2020

Both the rabbit farm and fertilizer projection businesses were launched this month.