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Artsvabert Water Pipe & Reservoir Renovation


Արծվաբերդ (Artsvabert) is a town in the Տավուշ (Tavush) province of Armenia, which shares a 34km long border with Azerbaijan. Artsvaberd is located in a particularly remote and isolated part of Tavush.  Artsvabert has a population of almost 2,600 people living in 500 homes.  Most of these homes only receive water once every three days for one hour.  The lack of enough clean water has resulted in the absence of basic household conveniences, thus making life in Artsvabert difficult for its population.  The implementation of the Artsvabert Water Pipe & Reservoir Renovation program will provide daily water to the majority of the households in Artsvabert.


Tavush Տավուշ

City / Village

Artsvabert Արծվաբերդ

Start Date


End Date

Two months

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
The 2,600 residents in Artsvabert struggle on a daily basis because of a lack of water. The implementation of this project will ease this suffering for the town’s 500 households. $12,750 is needed to completely renovate the reservoir and $6,750 is needed to install water meters in the 500 households in Artsvabert.
Short Term Impact
In the short term, about 2,600 people in Artsvabert will benefit from receiving daily water into their homes. In addition, the local economy will receive a bit of a boost with local materials and labor begin secured to complete the planned work.
Long Term Impact
In the long run, the addition of a steady flow of water to the town’s households will contribute to overall better health and welfare for the town and help its continued development.
Sponsors Benefits
Sponsors of this project will be recognized on The Paros Foundation website, any press related to this important project, and on a plaque in the town of Artsvaberd. A visit can be arranged to Artsvabert for sponsors visiting Armenia.
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Ms. Stephanie Nersesyan

Simi Valley, CA May 1, 2019
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Whittier, CA April 24, 2019
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Rose Kizirian

Redondo Beach, CA April 21, 2019
Anonymous User

Megrdichian Family

Glendale, CA April 20, 2019
Anonymous User

Mr. Andranik Ovasapyan & Mrs. Arpine Bandaryan

Burbank, CA April 20, 2019
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Updates: Images & Information

Video Update

June 29, 2019

Work on the reservoir in the town of Artsvabert began this week. The concrete panels covering the reservoir were removed and the water pipers were diverted until the relining can be completed.

August 1, 2019

Repairs to the reservoir have been completed and the results are fabulous! The reservoir now has an abundance of water.

September 12, 2019

Our team determined that an additional, unforeseen repair should be made to the main pumping station for the village. Our specialist from Yerevan installed an automatic float for the reservoir and automated the filling system to ensure a steady flow of water for the village.