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Aregak’s Physiotherapy & Ergotherapy Program


Manvel captures the hearts of everyone around him. Due to his nervous system disorder, the five-year-old struggles with many activities others take for granted. Last year, he began attending Emili Aregak Center for physical, speech and music therapies. We’re able to provide all of these services for free thanks to supporters like you!

When he arrived to our center last year, Manvel couldn’t sit up on his own. Now, he can! Plus, he’s already walking with support, speaking more clearly and socializing well with other kids.

The Emili Aregak Center provides a range of free-of-charge therapies to more than 150 children like Manvel with special needs in Gyumri, Armenia. Annually, 60-70 children participate in physical and occupational therapies. Physiotherapists work to help children strengthen their muscles and improve their flexibility so they can experience greater health and wellness, and in some cases—like Manvel’s—learn to crawl, stand, sit up and walk. Through occupational therapy, children develop sensory, motor, perception, communication and life skills.

Your donations will fully support Emili Aregak’s Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy Programs for one year;
$13,500 ($6,750 x 2) annual salary for two physiotherapists and
$4,250 annual salary for one occupational therapist.



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Start Date

March 1, 2022

End Date

March 1, 2023
Aregak’s Physiotherapy & Ergotherapy Program
$600 of $17,750 raised
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Donation Total: $100 One Time

The Need
Children with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable populations in Armenia. Their families tend to face higher rates of poverty and stigma. Many have difficulty accessing consistent, quality therapies. Early intervention is vital for ensuring maximal development of physical capabilities.
Short Term Impact
In the short term, children will experience greater strength, flexibility, autonomy, awareness of their environment and better social adaptation.
Long Term Impact
All children who attend Emili Aregak Center improve their existing abilities and quality of life. Parents learn how to better support their children and ensure that progress made at Emili Aregak is reinforced in the home.
Sponsors Benefits
Plaques will be posted outside of the Emili Aregak Center’s ergotherapy room and two physiotherapy rooms. Visits to the Emili Aregak Center will be arranged for sponsors visiting Gyumri!
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In Memory Of Elsie Haig September 26, 2023
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In Memory Of Jeff Lion September 15, 2022