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Agribusiness on the Border 20: Vachagan B. Family


Currently home to 286 households and 955 people, the village of Baghanis was established in the fifth century and is situated in the Tavush region of Armenia. The village is adjacent to the Republic of Azerbaijan, sharing a 2 km-long border. Today, the residents make a living by farming and tending to their livestock. Now, economic development and opportunities for work are essential to continue improving the conditions in this border village. Sponsorship of this project will help provide needy villagers with the opportunity to care for their families and to help improve the village’s economy.

As a part of this effort the family will be provided training and/or business tips for the ensured success of their agribusiness. Frequent visits will be made to the family to track their progress and determine the success of their new venture.

Vachagan B.’s family has five members including his wife and their three children. Their oldest son is serving in the army. Vachagan has a beautiful property that he wishes to develop into a vibrant and fruitful orchard, but he needs irrigation water. He is requesting funding for water pipers to bring water to his orchard from the nearby substation, which is almost a half mile away. Vachagan is prepared to do the work himself and just needs the pipes.



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February 2017

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March 2017
Agribusiness on the Border 20: Vachagan B. Family
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The Need
Due to the remote and dangerous areas in which these villages are situated, residents are unable to travel for work, or establish many other economical opportunities so that they can financially provide for their families. 50% of their fertile land is unusable because of frequent sniper attacks. Helping these families better establish their agribusinesses will allow them to be self-sufficient, care for their families and improve their villages economy.
Short Term Impact
In the short term the sponsored family will receive the animals, materials and/or tools they need to construct and run the proper space needed for their new agribusiness. In addition, directions and training on how to construct or run their new venture will also be given.
Long Term Impact
In the long term, families will have an established a form of income and will likely have the ability to expand their work. The village economy will also improve, as more jobs will be created for the residents. This will help deter emigration from the village.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on The Paros Foundation website. Visits to the families can be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.
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Mr. James Taylor

San Leandro, CA September 21, 2017
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Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Mariam Dorian

Livingston, NJ May 23, 2017
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United States March 2, 2017
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Mr. Sevan Matossian

Soquel, CA January 15, 2017
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Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Ellyn Kesinger

Davis, CA January 8, 2017
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Mr. Garabeth Abadjian

Los Angeles, CA January 5, 2017
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Updates: Images & Information

December 12, 2017

Paros Foundation Staff visited Vachagan B. to see how his orchard's progress is coming along. Vachagan ultimately ran almost a half of a mile of pipes to bring irrigation to his orchard.