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Adopt a Restroom, Khndzoresk School, Phase 1


Representatives of The Paros Foundation have visited more than 100 schools throughout Armenia. While some schools have either been renovated thanks to the Armenian government or as a result of the generosity of international donors, many remain in deplorable conditions and have little hope of being renovated in the near future. These conditions affect both the ability for students to learn, as well as the health of students and teachers.

Khndzoresk is a village in the South-East of Armenia to the south of the Goris – Stepanakert highway near Artsakh. Currently, the village school, which has 306 children in attendance and 20 staff members, does not have running water or functional restrooms. Students and staff share an outhouse-style squat bathroom with no working sinks.

The Paros Foundation will oversee the renovation of the school bathrooms including addressing such elements as windows, doors, flooring, lighting, paint, sinks, faucet and toilet. Phase 1 includes the renovation of three restrooms. Phase 2 will address the remaining four bathrooms. Furthermore, this project will include the installation of new water and sewer lines to the school building. Our partner on this project, the Armenian Network of America, Los Angeles Region, has already raised funding towards the new water and sewer line. The Armenian Network of America, Los Angeles Region will also help oversee the renovation process.



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End Date

One month from start date

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Students need dignified and clean restrooms to use while attending school. Currently, many students have no option other than to use unsanitary restroom facilities, or, even worse, avoid using the restroom at all until they reach a more appropriate venue, which can lead to health issues in later life.
Short Term Impact
306 children and 20 staff members will have running water and functional restrooms. The reconstruction of a new bathroom will employ a contractor and support the local economy through the purchase of necessary building materials and fixtures.
Long Term Impact
Hundreds of children will benefit from modern, dignified bathrooms to use while attending school for years to come. In addition, epidemics and health issues will be avoided through improved sanitation.
Sponsors Benefits
Donors will be recognized with a plaque installed in the entry way of the school, on the Paros Foundation Website and the Armenian Network of America Website.
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Armenian Network of America, Inc. Los Angeles Region

Glendale, CA February 18, 2017
Anonymous User

Ms. Stella Adanalian

Argentina September 2, 2016
Anonymous User

Anna Astzatsaturian Turcotte & John Turcotte

Westbrook, ME August 21, 2016
Anonymous User

Mr. Craig Dorais

Portland, ME August 15, 2016
Anonymous User

Armenian Network of America, Inc. Los Angeles Region

Glendale, CA May 19, 2016
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. David & Margaret Mgrublian

Pasadena, CA January 21, 2016

Updates: Images & Information

Video Update

August 17, 2016

The renovation of three bathrooms that are part of this phase 1 renovation are complete. The children and staff at the school are very pleased with the outcome!