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Adopt A Classroom - Nor Ughi


Representatives of The Paros Foundation have visited more than 100 schools throughout Armenia. While some schools have either been renovated thanks to the Armenian government or as a result of the generosity of international donors, many remain in deplorable conditions and have little hope of being renovated in the near future. These conditions affect both the ability for students to learn, as well as the health of students and teachers. How is a student supposed to learn if there are not proper desks, chairs or windows in the classroom?

The Paros Foundation will directly oversee the renovation of a classroom in the Nor Ughi  Village School. Nor Ughi Village is located in Armenia’s Ararat Region. Almost 2,000 people call Nor Ughi and neighboring Ginevet Village their home. Many in these villages are employed at Vedi Alcohol factory or are engaged in agricultural activities.

162 students attend the village school from both the neighboring village of Ginevet and Nor Ughi, which is in overall poor condition. Portions of the school have been modestly renovated using the school’s annual budget.

Currently, we will be raising funds to renovate one classroom including new doors, flooring, lighting, ceiling, paint and new furniture. 



City / Village

Ginevet, Nor Ughi

Start Date

December 2023

End Date

February 2024

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
Many classrooms throughout Armenia’s schools remain in deplorable conditions. Children should not have to try and learn in these conditions. Because of substandard doors and windows, many classrooms become unusable in the winter months because of the cold. In addition, even schools with proper heating are affected negatively with insufficient warmth in the classrooms that have broken doors and windows. While the Armenian Government and others regularly engage in a campaign to remodel schools, they simply cannot meet the huge need.
Short Term Impact

The short-term impact will be the employment of at least four people to renovate the classroom and the benefit to the local economy through the order for needed supplies.

Long Term Impact

In the  long-term many years of students will be able to attend class in a newly updated and modern classroom. This will have a huge psychological impact on both the students and teacher. 

Sponsors Benefits

Donors will be recognized with a plaque installed in the remodeled classroom and on The Paros Foundation website.

Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. John & June Mangassarian

Smithfield, RI February 16, 2024
Anonymous User

Mr. & Mrs. John & June Mangassarian

Smithfield, RI
In Memory Of Elizabeth Mangassarian (NY) & Eugenia Megerdichian (MA) December 8, 2023

Updates: Images & Information

December 26, 2023

Today the crew started construction on the Nor Ughi classroom by removing the flooring and preparing construction materials. This brings us one step closer to providing a newly refurbished classroom for students. 

February 26, 2024

Today the classroom furniture was delivered making renovations on the Nor Ughi Village School complete! For years to come, the children will have a safe and clean environment to learn.