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Abovyan School #8 Renovation-Phase One


The town of Abovyan in Armenia’s Kotayk region is often referred to as the northern gateway to Yerevan because of its proximity to city (about 10 miles north.) Abovyan is home to more than 34,500 residents. More than 530 children attend School #8 in Abovyan. The school is in overall poor condition. School administrators do what they can to maintain the facility, but outside assistance is needed to dramatically improve conditions throughout this school.

The school is comprised of seven building, six of which are currently being utilized. All six buildings need new roofs to prevent leakage during the wet and winter months. Most of the school’s windows need to be changed to modern, double-pane windows. The school’s boilers are 12 years old and one of them has ceased to function. The bathrooms all need to be completely renovated and transformed into modern restrooms. The large gym is also in very poor condition and needs a total remodel.

Improvements to this large school will be completed in phases. The Phase One project will include the replacement of the school’s roofing and roof support structure (as needed) over six of the buildings that are in use. Two of the buildings are in very bad condition and will be replaced immediately as soon as funding is available.



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June 2019
Abovyan School #8 Renovation-Phase One
$34,050 of $84,000 raised
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The Need
The roofs over the six buildings that are currently being used at the Abovyan School #8 are leaking and beyond repair. These roofs and much of the support structure beneath must be changed to help create a safe and comfortable environment for the children while they are at school.
Short Term Impact
In the near term, a roofing crew will replace roofs over six of the facilities buildings including new corrugated roofing, gutters, downspouts and wood supporting structure as needed. This will benefit the local economy as both materials and labor will be purchased locally.
Long Term Impact
In the longer term, children will be able to learn in a cleaner, safer environment. In addition, a new roof will help better protect the children and staff and prevent further deterioration of the facility.
Sponsors Benefits
All sponsors will be listed on The Paros Foundation website, on a plaque installed at the school and in all appropriate press materials related to this project.
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Glendale, CA
In Memory Of Samson Khodagulyan September 15, 2021
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Ms. Deena Dulgerian

United States June 23, 2021
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Mr. Vahe Zurnachyan

United States May 26, 2021
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Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Kathy Mouradjian

Fountain Hills, AZ December 29, 2020
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Ms. Biaina Amirian

Tujunga, CA September 22, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA September 2, 2020
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Updates: Images & Information

December 27, 2018

Today our construction crew did a closer inspection of the roofs at the school. Our hope is to have enough funding in place to redo at least two of the building's roofs as soon as weather permits.

June 3, 2019

Our construction team arrived at the school today to begin the demolition of the roof on the first building on campus! Exciting!

July 23, 2019

So happy to announce that our team completed the work on the roof at the first building on campus!