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A Beacon of Hope for Armenians with Disabilities


The Paros Choir will host four concerts including three performances in the Earthquake affected towns (Spitak, Vanadzor and Gyumri) and a final concert in Yerevan. The audiences will include persons with disabilities, representatives of local authorities, businesses, and other decision makers. The local media will cover the events. A brief oral presentation of the project goals as well as a 3-minute video demonstrating the success of The Paros Choir (joint performance with the world-renowned tenor Placido Domingo, successful participation in international contests, etc.) will precede each of the concerts. The final concert in Yerevan will be preceded by a press conference aimed at securing a wider coverage of the project.

In compliance with its mission, the Paros Chamber Choir will be promoting active way of life and cultural inclusion for PWD by its concerts in the Earthquake affected zones and in the capital city of Armenia.

Duration: 6 months. Month 1: preparation phase. Months 2-5: concerts in the regions. Month 6 – press conference and final concert in Yerevan.

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Lori, Shirak, Yerevan

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Gyumri, Spitak, Vanadzor, Yerevan

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Concerts to be organized and held within six months.
A Beacon of Hope for Armenians with Disabilities
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The Need
Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Armenia are mostly excluded from cultural activities. Due to the difficulties accessing cultural centers, concert halls, museums, etc., people with limited mobility, especially wheelchair users rarely have an opportunity to attend a concert or cultural event. In addition, public perceptions of PWD prevent their inclusion in cultural activities.
Short Term Impact
The audiences of the four concerts will be no less than 500 persons. The press conference will secure a wide coverage of the project outcomes, and the media reports will increase the number of people learning about the Choir and its activities to at least 15,000.
Long Term Impact
The success story of the Choir and its performances will encourage PWD to live a full life and will push decision makers to make the cultural facilities accessible. In a longer perspective, the rights of thousands of Armenians with disabilities will be promoted.
Sponsors Benefits
The names of the donors/supporters will be published on,, websites, in addition to The Paros Foundation website and in any appropriate press materials. Their names will also be listed in the concert programs published within the framework of the project. In addition, the organizers will thank the donors during each of the concerts. The organizers may also consider placing the donors’ banners on the stages of the concerts. The press release for the concluding press conference will include the names of all of the donors.
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