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8th Annual AEA Conference


The Armenian Economic Association (AEA) sponsors an economic conference in Armenia to promote high level discussions on Armenia’s future path. The 8th Annual conference needs support to help fund speaker participation and conference related expenses.

Why is the conference so important? Armenia faces many challenges as the Republic struggles to advance: Lapses in governance, weak civic engagement, income inequality, lack of transparency, migration, vulnerability to geopolitical shocks, and more. Equally serious, but perhaps less well-known, shortcomings include: The lack of open platforms to discuss economic and financial research in an academic forum, minimal capacity in advanced and rigorous (western-style) training in economics and finance, and little opportunity to debate policy and policy-making (whether in a public or academic setting). Essentially, in addition to the physical isolation caused by long-standing blockades of its borders, Armenia suffers from intellectual isolation—with serious economic and other consequences.

How does the project address the need? AEA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to promote Armenian scholarship in Economics. AEA’s annual conferences help to fill the notable and serious gaps in economics and finance training, and in public policy debate and discussion—by providing a free and open 2 ½ day forum for presentation of timely research papers and their spirited and rigorous discussion and debate. Diverse participants include world-renowned economists, professors, Ph.D. candidates, and other economics and finance scholars, researchers and professionals.

Thus, AEA actively combats weak civic engagement, and the lack of rigorous economics training and non-partisan policy analysis. Local scholarship and resources alone cannot address these challenges.


Throughout Armenia

City / Village


Start Date

June 2018

End Date

June 2018

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The Need
As a developing country, Armenia needs the robust engagement of the diaspora to help it better address civic engagement and economic discussion taking place.
Short Term Impact
Typical attendance at an AEA annual conference is about 200 in total over 2 ½ days. Near-term benefits include: (1) Scholars in Armenia benefit immediately from interacting with senior professors and receiving serious comments on their research work in progress, leading to publication and recognition. (2) Armenia benefits from the rising level of in-country talent and discussion. (3) Students within Armenia and beyond are inspired to pursue advanced training and/or research. (4) Employment opportunities result from networking during the conference (5) More research will be devoted to Armenia and the challenges it faces as more researchers/scholars become more aware of the issues and the availability of data sets.
Long Term Impact
(6) Meeting and working with Diaspora economists leads to joint collaboration in research and policy analysis. (7) Publishing research can lead to employment opportunities. (8) More western-trained economists may be motivated to make the sacrifice and to return to Armenia, to build its future and help moderate the brain drain. (9) Transfer of knowledge contributes to advancement in training in economics. This enhanced capacity may lead to better teaching and more productive research on Armenia—both in-country and beyond.
Sponsors Benefits
Donor names are posted on the Paros Foundation & AEA website, printed on conference programs, and publicized in mass emails. AEA will gladly discuss donor recognition opportunities, such as naming awards for donors.
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Ms. Thelma Tajirian

Berkeley, CA March 13, 2018
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Mr. Randall Filer

NY, United States March 7, 2018
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Ms. Renita Esayian

Chicago, IL March 7, 2018
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Armenia March 7, 2018
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Mr. David Joulfaian

Vienna, VA March 7, 2018

Updates: Images & Information

June 30, 2018

The Armenian Economic Association (AEA) held another successful annual conference in Yerevan, thanks in part to the support of contributors to The Paros Foundation website. The 8th annual conference on June 14 - 16 brought together academics, researchers and thought leaders from Armenia, Croatia, Czechia, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, UK, and the United States. More than 150 people attended the many sessions to participate in and discuss more than 50 presentations addressing topics in agriculture, finance, international trade, economic development, education, macro and microeconomics, migration, political economy, and taxation, among others. World-renowned Armenian economist Daron Acemoglu of MIT kicked off the conference (by live video). Other keynote speakers included Arye L. Hillman of Bar-Ilan University (Friday) and Yulia Ustyugova of the International Monetary Fund (Saturday). The opening day Roundtable also featured Randall Filer of Hunter College at the City University of New York and representatives of the government and the Central Bank of Armenia, and was moderated by AEA President Gurgen Aslanyan. The conference was jointly hosted by the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and the American University of Armenia (AUA) with financial support from individual donors in the United States and abroad. The meetings concluded Saturday evening at AUA, with the best paper awards ceremony. We look forward to another stimulating conference in 2019!