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The Paros Foundation underwrites all administrative and overhead costs allowing 100% of all donor contributions to go directly towards projects and supported organizations.

Donations to The Paros Foundation Projects for Prosperity are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. To sponsor a project through The Paros Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization (Tax ID 20-5094630), or learn more about specific projects in need of funding, please contact us using the information below.


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Introduse Our Campains

Scholarship for a Sustainable Future: Valentina K.

Scholarship for a Sustainable Future: Valentina K. Read Updates Description Nor Luyce works with young girls, ages 14-17, from two local orphanages and/or from poverty stricken families from Gyumri, Armenia. Under the direction of their Executive...

Amount Needed:$0

Fitness Training for Village Kids

Fitness Training for Village Kids Read Updates Description The DaVArd Gym in Arshaluys Village was established by Davit Vardumyan, a worldwide Taekwondo competitor. Davit has dedicated his time and efforts and has built a brand new gym in Arshaluys. The...

Amount Needed:$3,000

Nor Ughi School Gym

Nor Ughi School Gym Read Updates Description Nor Ughi Village is located in Armenia's Ararat Region and is home to the Vedi Alcohol Company.  Almost 2,000 people call Nor Ughi and neighboring Ginevet Village their home.  Many in these villages are...

Amount Needed:$29,750

Armenia Honey Project

Armenia Honey Project Read Updates Description Economic opportunities for rural Armenian communities are scarce.   To help address this important issue, The Paros Foundation has launched several initiatives aimed at job creation in rural communities....

Amount Needed:$9,350