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CITY / VILLAGE Nor Kharpert
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Many of Armenia's small villages, towns and communities have a low average annual income and high levels of unemployment. Often time villagers have a difficult time financially providing for their families due to the lack of work. The establishment of small commercial enterprises for families proved to be a model that has worked to increase household income and help develop the village's economy.

Sponsorship of this project will help provide needy villagers with the opportunity to care for their families and to help improve the village's economy.

The Karapetyan family has been identified as one of the families who are in need of additional support. Their family consists of six members including Hasmik, her husband who has become disabled due to a car accident, and their four children. They live in poverty as neither parent is able to work. In order to help this family get back on their feet, they will be set up with a small agribusiness. As a part of this effort the Karapetyan family will be provided training and/or business tips for the ensured success of their venture. Frequent visits will be made to the family to track their progress and determine the success of their new agribusiness.


Due to the high unemployment and inability to travel for work residents of many of Armenia's small villages, towns and communities are unable to establish many economical opportunities so that they can financially provide for their families. Helping these families establish their own agribusinesses will allow them to be self-sufficient, care for their families and improve the village economy.


In the short term the Karapetyan family will receive the animals and feed they need to construct and run the proper agribusiness. In addition, directions and training on how to run their new venture will also be given.


In the long term, the Karapetyan will have an established form of income and will likely have the ability to expand their work.


  • Mr. Michael Candan (2016) - NY, USA


All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on The Paros Foundation website. Visits to the families can be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.

updates: images & information

October 19, 2016

Construction on the Karapetyan Family's new chicken coop has begun.

December 5, 2016

The Karapetyan Family was given 30 chickens, three roosters and feed to run their small agribusiness. Our staff Armenia will be in touch with the family frequently and make sure they are aware of how to care for their new animals.

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