Medical Center in Verin Tsakhkavan

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CITY / VILLAGE Verin Tsakhkavan
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Verin Tsakhkavan is a village with 1,115 residents in the Bert area of Armenia's Tavush Region. This community lives on the border with Azerbaijan under the risk of sniper fire and renewed armed conflict. The facility is housed in a freestanding building that had some renovations done to it in 2004.

The Medical Center consists of two rooms totaling approximately 660 square feet. The Center needs a new awning over its entrance, new doors, running water and a bathroom. Currently they are using a wood-burning stove for heating. They have a need for storage cabinets for both medication and patient records, chairs for the waiting room. They do not have a refrigeration system for vaccinations and need a blood pressure monitor, glucose monitor, and an EKG machine.

Any partial funds received for this project will be first used to replace the damaged awning and doors, and to bring a water pipeline to the building and purchase a refrigeration system and equipment. Then funds will be allocated to EKG equipment purchases. The Paros Foundation team will work with the village administration to ensure that they support the project in as many ways as possible including donated materials, free labor and/or support services.

It is anticipated that the repairs to the medical center will take approximately 3 months depending on weather conditions.


Quality medical care is difficult to provide in Armenia's rural areas without proper facilities and equipment. Residents have no choice but to depend on these regional medical centers for their family's health care needs. The awning, doors and water system are items that are fundamentally needed to allow this center to operate. The furniture and basic equipment needs that are requested will allow for health care professionals to better understand the ailments and treatment for their patients.


The renovation of the Medical Center will immediately better facilitate the health needs of the residents. Resident will be able to have more of their medical needs met locally, avoiding long and costly trips to other regional medical centers for simple diagnostic work. Materials will be purchased locally whenever possible, thus providing a boost to the local economy. Two or three local workers will be hired during the renovation process and thus provide these residents short-term employment.


Citizens must have access to adequate, clean medical facilities especially for children. This renovation and equipment purchase will help meet the needs of approximately 1,000 rural patients annually.


  • Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Rita Kablanian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Eleonore Aslanian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Laura Conrow (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Steven Maginnis (2015) - CA, USA
  • Armavir Vinyards (2015) - Yerevan, Armenia
  • Armenian International Women’s Association-San Francisco Affiliate (2015) - CA, USA
  • Dr. & Mrs. Shahe & Ani Yeni-Komshian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Dr. Julie Kulhanjian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Drs. Donald & Martha Missirlian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Rita Kablanian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Laura Dirtadian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Armen & Nelly Der Kiureghian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Art & Rosemond Muncheryan (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bryan & Valina Agbabian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Diane Paskerian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. David & Christine Balabanian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Eleonore Aslanian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Ardemis Tajirian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Hryre & Silvia Sarkissian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Molly Matossian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Marianne Papas (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rubik & Wendi Moradian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sebouh & Varti Vartanian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Shahen & Arax Hairapetian (2013) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Laura Conrow (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Christopher Kibarian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. John Kibarian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Kenneth Clark (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Kenneth Clark/Seropian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Levon Der Bedrossian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Michael Perry (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Petros Keshishian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Razmig Boladian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Robert Skolaski (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Roger Strauch (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Steven Maginnis (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mrs. Ani Vartanian Boladian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mrs. Elena Sagayan (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mrs. Gloria Chen (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mrs. Hasmig Seropian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Mrs. Lucineh Kassarjian (2015) - Yerevan, Armenia
  • Mrs. Susan Sakmar (2016) - CA, USA
  • Ms. Ani Tajirian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Ms. Christyne Davidian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Ms. Susanna Cogswell (2015) - CA, USA
  • Ms. Victoria Aslanian c/o ArmAs Wines (2015) - Yerevan, Armenia
  • The Honorable & Mrs. Joseph & Mary Simitian (2015) - CA, USA
  • Western Drug (2014) - CA, USA


All sponsors will be recognized with a plaque installed in the newly renovated areas. In addition, donors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on the Paros 100 website. Visits to the Clinic will be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.

updates: images & information

August 17, 2015

Due to structural problems with the existing medical center, our staff worked with the municipality to identify a better space to house the medical center. Renovation on the new space will commence in the coming days. As part of this new agreement, the village mayor agreed to provide labor to dig a trench for a new waterline to the building from the nearby kindergarten.

October 27, 2015

Renovation of the medical center is now complete. The new space includes a newly created bathroom, patient examination room and waiting room.

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