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Fitness Training for Village Kids


The DaVArd Gym in Arshaluys Village was established by Davit Vardumyan, a worldwide Taekwondo competitor. Davit has dedicated his time and efforts and has built a brand new gym in Arshaluys. The gym is open to everyone to work out and train.  Davit also provides 70 children from his and nearby communities with free of charge training and use of the facilities. 

Children growing up in villages have limited access to extracurricular activities. With this gym, Davit has invested in  the youth of his and the surrounding communities in order to provide these children with a healthy and meaningful opportunity. 

Davit is hoping to expand and offer boxing classes and is in need of some equipment.  Sponsorship of this project will help raise the amount needed in order to help obtain 150 floor matts and heavy bags. 



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Fitness Training for Village Kids
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The Need

Children in villages often have a lack of extracurricular activities. Through access to gyms and training they are able to participate in healthy and meaningful activities, stay out of trouble and excel in their schooling. Additional resources are needed to help provide free-of-charge classes to children at the gym. 

Short Term Impact

The DaVard Gym will receive 150 floor matts and heavy bags in order to immediately start providing boxing classes to the youth in their region. 

Long Term Impact

In the long term, children growing up in villages will have access to sports training and extracurricular activities, which will help them lead healthy lives and lead them through a positive path in life. 

Sponsors Benefits

All sponsors of this project will be listed on The Paros Foundation’s website and in all press related to this project. Visits to Arshaluys Village can  be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.

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