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Go Debi Arach Children's Center- Gyumri (Completed)

Go Center for At-Risk Kids (Completed)

Go Kindergarten in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur Village (Completed)

Go Kharpert Home for Special Children Excursion (Ongoing Project)

Go Medical Center in Kurtan Village (Completed)

Go Adopt A Classroom, 6-9 (Completed)

Go Purchase a Home II (Completed)

Go Sisian Art School Kiln (Completed)

Go "Adopt A Classroom" and "Renovate-a-Restroom" in Hatsik village (Completed)

Go Kanakeravan Art School, Piano (Completed)

Go Medical Center in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur (Completed)

Go Gyumri Winter Operation (Completed)

Go Share-a-Pair: Operation Winter Boots (in Progress)

Go The Nork Orphanage Play Area-Ari's Playground (Completed)

Go Share A Pair (Completed)

Go Aknashen Speech School, Multipurpose Classrooms (Completed)

Go Kanakeravan Art School, Bathroom (Completed)

Go A Beacon of Hope for Armenians with Disabilities

Go Buy a horse (Completed)

Go Kanakeravan Art School, Multipurpose Room