Project: Help Resettle Syrian Armenian Refugees (Completed)

Project Name Help Resettle Syrian Armenian Refugees
Full Description

Syrian Armenian Families who left Syria as a result of war, and have come to Armenia looking to resettle need assistance. Unfortunately, the Armenian and Artsakh Governments do not have the funds to support this effort. However, the Artsakh government stands ready to help settle rural Syrian Armenian families in Artsakh's Kashatagh Region. Once resettled, these rural families can engage in agriculture and agribusiness to care for their families as they did prior to the upheaval in Syria.

Through a government homestead program, The Paros Foundation will identify a suitable piece of property and home for a refugee family. Necessary renovations and/or reconstruction of the home will be completed using local labor and materials whenever possible. The refugee family will be identified and once the home is completed, it will be given to the family free of charge. A gifting agreement will be signed indicating that the house belongs to the family outright provided they agree to the housing program conditions.

During and following the project implementation, photos, video and information will be provided to all donors and supporters of this project. 100% of funds donated towards this project will go directly to the project and its management and implementation with no funds being used for foundation administrative purposes.

The Paros Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization.  Donations to this project are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  Our tax identification number is 20-5094630.


Syrian Armenian Families who left Syria as a result of war, and have come to Armenia looking to resettle need permanent housing. After years of war and struggling to find a place to settle down, these families made the journey to Armenia with the hope of starting their lives once again. A home and land will give these families the hope and fresh start they so desire.

Category Humanitarian, Development
Start Date Immediately
Project Duration 6 months from start date
Region Artsakh
City/Village Kashatagh
Sponsor/s Open to the public
Project Budget $20,000
Amount Needed $0
Short Term Impact

A rural Syrian Armenian family will receive a place to live, grow crops, care for animals and be able to begin their lives again. A minimum of three local temporary jobs will be created during the reconstruction process of this family's home.

Long Term Impact

Having a permanent home and ending the refugee existence for this family will have strong positive psychological effects and will hopefully reverse the effects these refugee families have faced over the last several years.

Sponsor Benefit Donors will be acknowledged on the Paros Foundation's website and in all relevant press related to this project.

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Thank you to the following sponsors for their support of this project:

Ms. Lisa Manookian (PA -USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Simon & Jeanette Simitian (CA -USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Mary Goshtigian (CA-USA)
Mr. Armen Gostanian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Razmik & Arlene Manoukian (CA-USA)
Mr. Roupen Dechkounian (MA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Dick & JoAnn Janjigian in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Esther Stepanian's 62nd Wedding Anniversary (USA)

Anonymous (CO-USA)
Anonymous (USA)
Dr. Alfred Zohrabian (UK)
Ms. Ann Hablanian (MA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Art & Rosamond Muncheryan (CA-USA)
Marc Tognozzi Memorial Fund (CA-USA)
Mr. Hrair Gulesserian (CA-USA)
Ms. Ani Tomola-Grigoryan(CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Mylon & Samrina Marshall (CA-USA)
Ms. Dana Stoke (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Suzanne Plopper (CA-USA)
Ms. Catherine Dycaico (CA-USA)
Mr. William Knox (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ellis & Julie Brenner (CA-USA)
Ms. Linda Sternberg (CA-USA)
Mr. Charles Hoes (CA-USA)
Mr. Timothy McNeil (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde & Peggy Froehlich (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. James & Patricia Grieshop (CA-USA)
Anonymous (NY-USA)
Ms. Kate Markey (CA-USA)
Mr. Gregory Maguire (MA-USA)
Ms. Melissa Marshall (CA-USA)
UC Davis Armenian Student Association (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. William & Aileen Fell (CA-USA)
Mr. Ken Halajian (NY-USA)
Ms. Zoe Tilton (CA-USA)

Mr. & Mrs. William & Aileen Fell (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Charlene Asdourian (CA-USA)
Ms. Anya Leeuwen (CA-USA)
Ms. Claire Daughtry (CA-USA)
Ms. Fiona Hodgson (NY-USA)
Ms. Leslie Stone (CA-USA)
Ms. Toni Rey (CA-USA)
Ms. Cara Bengali (CA-USA)
Mr. Thomas Hagler (CA-USA)
Mr. George Wolfberg (CA-USA)
Mrs. Claire Black Slotton (CA-USA)
Mr. Mike Adams (CA-USA)
Ms. Nicole Del Sesto (CA-USA)
Ms. Christina Cherekdjian (CA-USA)
Ms. Rosana Francescato (CA-USA)
Mr. Michael Kotlnlow (CA-USA)
Ms. Mimi Kusch (CA-USA)

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Donors will be acknowledged on the Paros Foundation's website and in all relevant press related to this project.