Project: Support our Heroes (In Progress)

May 1, 2016 UPDATE: Distributions are underway to the families of our Heroes.  Unfortunately the number of people killed continues to increase with almost each passing day.  Our project budget will continue to increase as well.  Thank you to all of the donors around the world who have generously supported this effort.  We have raised more than $90,000.  We are continuing to raise funds for these families and will update the budget numbers as necessary.

April 30, 2016 UPDATE: The Paros Foundation team continued distributing funds to the families of our Heroes.  Over the last two days, Paros Foundation Chairman, Roger Strauch, Executive Director Peter Abajian, Project Managers Sevan Amirians and Gegham Minassyan met with and distributed funds to 15 families in Yerevan and Gyumri. 

April 29, 2016 UPDATE: Today the Paros Foundation Team began the distribution of funds to the families of our Heroes.  Today we met with and distributed funds to seven families.  We will continue meeting with the families and distributing funds over the next several days.  Unfortunately, the number of Heroes (soldiers and civilians) continues to rise daily.  As we receive confirmation, we will continue to update this page and continue to ask for your support to ensure that we are able to provide funds to each and every family.  On behalf of the families and The Paros Foundation, thank you for your support.

April 10, 2016 UPDATE: As a result of the April 1 to 5 Azeri aggression, more than 56 soldiers and civilians have lost their lives.  A very special thank you to Mr. Serj Tankian who has assisted with raising awareness to our efforts to provide each of our Heroes families with $1,000.  We will begin distributing funds at the end of this month and 100% of all funds collected will go directly to these families.  Thank you to everyone who have made heart felt contributions.  

April 6, 2016 UPDATE: 
This effort was launched soon after the Azeri's first attacked. We will keep updating this page as the list of casualties grows and continue to raise funds for each of their families. Help us keep this effort strong until we reach our goal. We thank all of you who have contributed.

NOTE:   indicates Heroes whose family has received funds via The Paros Foundation to date.
April 1-2

Vaghinak Grigoryan

(2004-02.04.2016 Martuni, NKR)
Vladimir Melkonyan
(1996 gyumri-01.04.2016 Mataghis

Ashot Shahbazyan

(1993 Akhuryan
Village, Shirak-02.04.2016,
Jrakan, Jebrail )

Adam Sahakyan

(1996 Yerevan - 02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Karen Nersisyan

(1997 Bjni - 02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Aleksan Arakelyan

(1982 Gyumri-
Jrakan, Jebrail)

Sasha Galstyan

(1996 Metsamor, Armavir - 02.04.2016 Jebrail)
-Article in Armenia/video

Tigran Berakchyan

(1997 Yerevan-02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Vahe Zakaryan
(1995 Hrazdan - 02.04.2016 Jebrail)
-article in Armenia/video

Arthur Gevorgyan

(1997 Abovyan-02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Azat Simonyan

(1996 Kamaris, Kotayk-02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Bagrat Alexanyan

(1995 Yerevan - 02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Grigor Harutunyan

(1997 Yerevan-02.04.2016 Jebrail)

- Article in English

Norik Sargsyan
(1996 Yeranos Village, Gegharkunik-02.04.2016 Jebrail)

Capitan Hovsep Kirakosyan

(1988 Apaga Village, Armavir - 02.04.2016 Mataghis)
-Article in Armenian

Hrach Galstyan

(1991 Gyumri - 02.04.2016, Talish)
-Article in Armenia

Aghasi Asatryan

(1996 Masis, Ararat - 02.04.2016 Talish)
-Article in Armenian
Meruzhan Stepanyan
(1993 Gyumri - 02.04.2016 Talish)
-Article in Armenian

Victor Yuzikhovich
(1997 Gyumri - 02.04.2016 Talish)
-Article in Armenian

Gevorg Vardanyan

(1996 Gyumri -
02.04.2016, Talish)

Capitan Armenak Ourfanyan
(1990 Yerevan - 02.04.2016 Martakert)
-Article in Armenian

Kyaram Sloyan
Artashavan, Aragatsotn
-Article in English

Robert Abajyan

(1996 Robert - 02.04.2016 Martakert)

Andranik Zohrabya
(1996-02.04.2016 Martakert)
Vedi Village, Ararat

Vladimir Alikhanyan

(1996-03.04.2016 Jebrail)
Dilijan, Tavush

Tigran Abgaryan

(1996 Gyumri - 02.04.2016 Talish)
-article in Armenian

Benjamin Yeghoyan

(1992 Mets Mantash- 02.04.2016 -Jrakan, Jabrayil )
-article in Armenian

Onik Grigoryan

(1987 Ivanyan, Askeran, NKR-02.04.2016 Jabrail)

Gegham Mkrtchyan

(1986-03.04.2016 Talish)
Vank Village, Martakert, NKR

Sasoun Mkrtchyan

(1989 Kaqavadzor, Aragatsotn-3/4.04.2016 Talish)
-Article in Armenian

Major Hayk Toroyan

(1985 Yerevan -03.04.2016 Mataghis)

Aramayis Mikaelyan

(1996 Voskehat Village, Armavir-04.04.2016 Jebrail)

Sargis Sahakyan

(1995 Hrazdan - 04.04.2016 Talish)

Harutyun Abrahamyan

(1985 Areguni Village, Gegharkunik-04.04.2016 Talish)

Vrezh Sargsyan

(1989 Pokr Masrik Village, Gegharkunik-04.04.2016 Talish)

Davit Hayrapetyan

(1997 Zolakar Village, Gegharkunik-04.04.2016 Mataghis)

Aram Abrahamyan

(1996 Artimet Village, Armavir -04.04.2016 Horadiz)

Henrik Ghahramanyan

(1996 Masis, Ararat-04.04.2016 Talish)
-article in Armenian

Artak Petrosyan

(1997, Metsavan, Lori-04.04.2016 Mataghis)

Nver Simonyan

(1990 Taghaser, Hadrut, NKR-04.04.2016 Martakert)

Gharib Sahakyan

(1987 Togh, Hadrut, NKR-04.04.2016 Martakert)
Aznavur Balayan
(1987 Mokhrenes, Hadrut, NKR-04.04.2016 Martakert)

Gor Kirakosyan

(1996 Arevik Village, Armavir -05.04.2016 Mataghis)

Mher Yerznkyan

(1995 Yerevan - 06.04.2016 jambarak)

Nikolay Hovsepyan

(1953 Kirovabad -Edjmiadzin-06.04.2016 Jebrail)

Boris Ozmanyan

(1996 Taronik
Village, Armavir - 2016 Jebrail)

Gevorg Mghdesyan

(1996 Nor Hadjn - 07.04.2016 Martakert)

Sargis Khalafyan

(1967-07.04.2016 Talish)
Volunteer, Yerevan

Suren Djaratanyan
(1955-07.04.2016 Talish)
Volunteer, Yerevan

Hrach Muradyan

(1983 Yerevan - 08.04.2016 Talish)

Manvel Gevorgyan

(????-14.04.2016 Martuni)

Robert Abrahamyan

(1993 Taperakan, Ararat-10.04.2016 Talish)
  Sevak Khachatryan
(1997 Gyugh, Vayots dzor-12.04.2016)

Masis Tovmasyan

(1979 Stepanakert, NKR-14.04.2016)

Hamlet Hajoyan


Gevorg Gevorgyan

(1996 Akori, Lori-19.04.2016)

Onik Sahakyan

Volunteer, Yerevan

(1984 Stepanakert, NKR-21.04.2016)

Tigran Poghosyan


Aram Arushanyan

Haterk Village, Martakert, NKR

Hayk Minasyan

Vanadzor, Lori

Vazgen Harutunyan

Shushi, NKR

Garik Movsisyan

(1997-29/30.04.2016 Tavush)

Ashot Zohrabyan


Hovsep Mayilyan

Tomi village, Hadrut, NKR

Nodarik Margaryan
Gugark, Lori
-Article in Armenian

Sergey Danghlyan

Volunteer, Sisian, Syunik

Mayis Mirzoyan

Volunteer, Darbas village

Armen Beglaryan

Volunteer, Akhlata village

Yuri Paramazyan

Martuni, NKR

Yeghishe Nikalyan

Volunteer, Ltceni village, Syunik

Setrak Asryan

Volunteer, Darbas Village, Syunik

Davit Sarksyan

Volunteer, Balak Village, Syunik

Gagik Parsadanyan

Volunteer, Kapan, Syunik

Edvard Aleksanyan

Volunteer, Sisian, Syunik

Ruben Iskandaryan


Rafik Hakopyan

Karmrashen Village, Aragatsotn

Narek Mkrtchyan
Vorotan Village, Syunik

Vardan Tadevosyan

Haykavan Village, Hadrut, NKR

Armen Gasparyan

Kapan, Syunik
-News in English
Norik Gasparyan
Kapan, Syunik

Gagik Melkonyan
Zolakar Village, Gegharkunik
-Article in Armenian

Vladimir Narinyan

Martuni, NKR
-Article in Armenian

Karen Davtyan
Vanadzor, Lori


Rudik Movsesyan

Stepanakert, NKR

Davit Gasparyan

Stepanakert, NKR

Hayk Grigoryan

Gishi Village, Martuni, NKR

Hrand Gharibyan

Stepanakert, NKR
April 7 April 10 April 11 April 12

Armen Hovhannisyan

Volunteer, Tsghuk Village, Syunik

Misha Aghajanyan
Vardablur Village, Aragatsotn
Zhora Yesayan

(1996-2016 Jebrail)
Darpnik Village, Ararat

Argishti Gaboyan

Mec mantash, Shirak

Arman Andreasyan

Mets Mantash Village, Shirak

Suren Melkoumyan

Tumi, Hadrut, NKR
-Article in Armenian

Maxim Grigoryan

Tumi, Hadrut, NKR

Andranik Grigoryan

Haykavan, Hadrut, NKR

Roman Poghosyan

Dudukchi, Hadrut, NKR

Norayr Hajyan
Volunteer, Baku-Stepanakert

Karo Hambardzumyan

Volunteer, v. Vaghatin, Syunik

Hovhannes Petrosyan

(1998-25.04.2016 Tavush)
Sargis Gasparyan

(1996-02.05.2016) Stepanakert

Armen Martirosyan
(27.12.1996 Gandzak, Gegharkunik -11.05.2016 Talish)

Aram Ohanyan

(1991!-14.05.2016 Vayk)
Vayots dzor, Aghavnadzor

Khachatur Harutunyan

(25.11.1996 Lusaghbyur-17.05.2016 Jebrail)

Project Name Support our Heroes
Full Description

As a result of the aggressive military attack by Azerbaijan along the front line of contact with the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, according to up to date reports, at least 29 Armenian soldiers from the Artsakh Defense Forces and local civilians including a 12-year-old boy have lost their lives and more than 100 people are wounded including two additional children. Our community must mobilize and do what we can to support an immediate cease-fire and support for these heroes, who have died defending our Nation.

For our part, The Paros Foundation has launched a Hero Support Fund to raise funds and provide them to the families of our deceased heroes. Our goal is to provide a minimum of $1,000 to every hero's family. While these funds will no where near address this tragic loss of life, nor ease the grief of our hero's families, it will provide them a bit of relief during these difficult times. As with any of our projects, 100% of your donation will be used to support this project without any administrative costs. Funds will be distributed as quickly as possible to the grieving families of these heroes.


Many families have lost family members, either soldier or civilian, to the recent aggressive military attacks by Azerbaijan. While monetary aid will no where near address this tragic loss of life, nor ease the grief of our hero's families, it will provide them a bit of relief during these difficult times. 

Category Humanitarian
Start Date Immediately
duration One Month
Region Armenia and Artsakh
City/Village All
Sponsor/s Open to the public
Project Budget $104,000
Amount Needed $0
Short Term Impact In the short term, families who have lost a love one to this Azeri aggression will receive a small family stipend in the amount of $1,000 as support.
Long Term Impact

In the long term, it is important for the Diaspora to develop a fund to support the families of soldiers and civilians that are killed defending our borders.

Sponsor Benefit Donors will be listed on the Paros Foundation website and in media posts as appropriate.
Donate NOW
Or send checks made out to "The Paros Foundation" to:

The Paros Foundation,
918 Parker Street, A14,
Berkeley, CA 94710


Or send checks made out to "The Paros Foundation" to: The Paros Foundation,
918 Parker Street, A14,


We would like to thank the following donors who are supporting the families of our heroes:

Ms. Elena Hillman (CA-USA)
Mr. Richard Fernandes (MI-USA)
Anonymous (USA)

Mr. Garabeth Abadjian (CA-USA)
Ms. Bridget Abajian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Dr. Peter & Houry Abajian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Razmik & Suzanne Abnous (CA-USA)
Mr. Andranik Abrahamian (CA-USA)
Ms. Ida Abrahamian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Lena Adishian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Zareh & Sosi Adourian  (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Alonso & Lori Keurian Alonso (NY-USA)
Ms. Silva Andonian (CA-USA)
Mr. Arthur Andrikian  
Mr. Shant Andrikian (CA-USA)
Mr. Sarkis Aghbashian (Canada)
Mr. Ara Agoian (CA-USA)
Mr. Varouj Aidie (FL-USA)
Ms. Nanea Aidinian (TX-USA)
Ms. Irina Airapetova (Austria)
Mrs. Hilda Aivazian (CA-USA)
Mr. Raffi Allaverdi (NJ-USA)
Alpha Gamma Alpha, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Sevan & Silva Amirians (Armenia)
Anonymous (Armenia)
Anonymous (Australia)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (IL-USA)
Anonymous (Italy)
Anonymous (MA-USA)
Anonymous (OH-USA)
Anonymous (Switzerland)
Anonymous (Switzerland)
Anonymous (UK)
Ms. Isabella Arakelyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Elen Aramyan
Armenian American Nurses Association (CA-USA)
Armenian Community of New Zealand
Armenian Diaspora of the Czech Republic
Armenian International Women's Association- San Francisco (CA-USA)
Mr. Arsen Ashchyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Hasmik Aslanyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Karine Aslanyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Cintia Emerzian Astardjian (Canada)
Ms. Sona Astoyan 
Autofitpart & Tools 
Mr. Mikhail Avakian
Mr. Tigran Avakian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Sona Avedian (CA-USA)
Ms. Manya Avetisyan
Mr. Kevin Avetikyan & Dr. Manushak Amzoyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Armen Ayrapetov (VT-USA)
Ms. Tervanda Ayrapetyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Ani Azarian (CA-USA)
Mr. Areen Babajanian (CA-USA)
Mr. Levon Babalyan (Switzerland)
Mr. Arthur Babayan (CA-USA)
Ms. Rosaline Babayan (Australia) 
Mr. Tigran Babayan (CA-USA)
Mr. Karnig Baghdassarian
Mr. & Mrs. Hrant & Bairamian (CA-USA)
Mr. Alex Bakhchinian (Canada)
Mr. & Mrs. John & Sosi Balian (NJ-USA)
Ms. Lily Ring Balian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Sevag & Nairi Balian (MD-USA)
Mr. Vicken Balian (CA-USA)
Ms. Anna Balmanukyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Vanand Baroni (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Arpi Barsam (CA-USA)
Barsoumian Family (CA-USA)
Mr. Bearj Barsoumian (TN-USA)
Ms. Marina Barsumian (CA-USA)
Mr. Hagop Beylerian (CA-USA)
Mr. Davit Bidzhoyan (Russia)
Mr. Grigor Blbulyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Andre Boniadi (CA-USA)
Ms. Nayiri Bouboussis (CA-USA)
Mr. Haig Boyadjian (NY-USA)
Ms. Isabelle Boyadjian 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Claudia Boyadjian (FL-USA)
Ms. Sera Boyadjian-Blanck
Mr. Shant Boyadjian 
Mr. David Boyadzhyan (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & Mari Brandt (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Kathleen Casey ( MA-USA)
Ms. Kristin Cass (IL-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Lerna Chaglassian
Dr. Jack Chelebian (TX-USA)
Ms. Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Jirair & Aline Christianian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. William & Laura Conrow (CA-USA)
Mr. Daniel Corridori (PA-USA)
Ms. Cal Curtis (MA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Karmen Dadourian (NY-USA)
Mr. Viken Daoud (NJ-USA)
Mr. Daniel Darakjian (CA-USA)
Mr. David Davtian (CA-USA)
Ms. Adrine Davtyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Roupen Dechkounian (MA-USA)
Mr. Oganes Demirchyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Sona Demurchyan (Belgium)
Mr. Diran Depanian (CA-USA)
Developmental Services for Armenia (CA-USA)
Mr. David Ertman
Ms. Renita Esayian (PA-USA)
Mr. Seto Eurdekian (NY-USA)
Mr. Richard Fernandes (MI-USA)
Ms. Katrin Gabri 
Mr. Artashes Galachyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Grigori Galstyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Hayk Galstyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Arpine Gamazyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Charlene Garabedian 
Dr. Shant Garabedian (TN-USA)
Ms. Elizaveta Garibian (CA-USA)
Mr. Edward Garibyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Hovanes Gasparian (CA-USA)
Mr. Richard Gazarian (IL-USA)
Ms. Lilit Gevorgyan
Mr. Andy Gevorkian 
Mr. Nelson Gevorkyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Tony Gevorkyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Meline Gharibyan
Mr. Artin Ghazarian (CA-USA)
Mr. Narek Ghazaryan (CA-USA)
Mr. Shavarsh Ghukasyan (Spain)
Mr. Roman Gortsakalyan (Canada)
Ms. Eva Greene (CA-USA)
Ms. Marina Grigorian
Mr. David Grigoryan (CA-USA)
Ms. Roza Grigoryan (MA-USA)
Mr. Tsolak Grigoryan
Gurgenian Family (CA-USA)
Ms. Lusya Gurunyan (CA-USA) 
Ms. Elen Gyulnazaryan (UK)
Mr. Vahe Gyulnazaryan (PA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Christina Hacopian (CA-USA)
Ms. Rosanna Haddad (CA-USA)
Ms. Baramsm Hagopian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Shahen & Arax Hairapetian (CA-USA)
Mr. Hagop Hajian 
Mr. Alen Hakobyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Hovhannes Hakobyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Srbuhi Hakobyan  (Russia)
Mr. Bared Halajian (Qatar)
Ms. Nina Hamayak (CA-USA)
Mr. Varoujan Haruthunian (NV-USA)
Ms. Lilit Harutunian 
Ms. Gohar Harutyunyan (NY-USA)
Mr. Hayk Harutyunyan (GA-USA)
Ms. Mariam Harutyunyan (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Dikran & Hermine Horoupian (CA-USA)
Ms. Nektar Hovanissian (CA-USA)
Ms. Anna Hovhannisyan
Mr. Hayk Hovhannisyan
Mr. Hayk Hovhannisyan (MA-USA)
Ms. Maritsa Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
Mr. Carlo Hovsepian-Banki
Mr. Robert Igarian (CA-USA)
Mr. William Irwin (NJ-USA)
Mr. Sarkis Isayan
Mr. Hendrik Issaian (Germany)
Mr. Gary Jabotian (CA-USA)
Mr. Robert Janigian (RI-USA)
Mr. Diron Jebejian (NY-USA)
Jewelry Adviser
Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian (CA-USA)
Mr. Kirk Kabaklian (CA-USA)
Mr. Jean Kabbendjian (MO-USA)
Mr. Albert Kaladjian (CA-USA)
Mr. Sarkis Kaladzhyan (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Vasken & Patty Kalaydjian (CA-USA)
Kalognomos Family (CA-USA)
Kalustyan Corporation (NJ-USA)
Ms. Garo Kamajian (CA-USA)
Ms. Astghik Kamalyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Elaine Kapjian-Pitt (CA-USA)
Karamian Family (Australia)
Mr. Andranik Karapetyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Ani Karapetyan 
Mr. Robert Karayan (Switzerland) 
Ms. Nelly Kargodorian (CA-USA)
Mr. Arthur Karkotyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Lucy Kasparian
Mr. Raffi Kassarjian (Armenia)
Mr. Nerses Kazanjian (NJ-USA)
Ms. Tamara Kazarian (GA-USA)
Mr. Ashot Kazaryan (UK)
Mr. Etienne Kechichian (Austria)
Ms. Ani ian (CA-USA)
Ms. Mary Keledjian (CA-USA)
Keremo Cakes (NJ-USA)
Mr. Haroutun Keshishian (CA-USA)
Kessab Educational Association of Los Angeles (CA-USA)
Ms. Anna Khachatryan (CA-USA)
Mr. Gary Khachian (CT-USA)
Mr. Garik Khachikyan (Czech Republic)
Mr. Hayk Khachikyan (MA-USA)
Ms. Karina Kharatian (CA-USA)
Ms. Luiza Kharatyan (Armenia)
Mr. Meher Khechadori (CA-USA)
Mr. Chris Kibarian (CA-USA)
Mr. Sevak Kirakosyan
Mr. & Mrs. Assadour & Lena Kizirian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Rose Kizirian (CA-USA)
Ms. Anna Kocharian (USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kocharian & Sabina Khachatrian (NJ-USA)
Mr. Vazgen Kostandyan 
Mr. Vardan Kostanyan (Armenia)
Ms. Alina Koutnouyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Roger Kupelian (CA-USA)
Mr. Ulrich Lange 
Ms. Natalja Lebedeva (UK) 
Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Janet Leist (CA-USA)
Liana's Castle (UK)
Mr. Ari Madilian (CA-USA)
Ms. Irma Madilian (CA-USA)
Ms. Araxie Seta Magarian (CA-USA)
Ms. Carine Magarian (CA-USA)
Mr. Khachatur Magdessian 
Mr. Armen Mailyan (Czech Republic)
Ms. Mimi Malayan (CA-USA)
Mr. Karen Mamasakhlisov (Armenia)
Mr. Gabriyel Mamikonyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Jason Manoukian (NY-USA)
Drs. Jerry & Mariam Manoukian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Razmik & Arlene Manoukian (CA-USA)
Mr. Arinberd Mansourian 
Mr. Emil Manukyan (Armenia)
Ms. Arouisak Maraian (CA-USA)
Marc Tognozzi Memorial Fund (CA-USA)
Mr. Alec Mardirossian (CA-USA)
Mr. Levon Margarian (Germany)
Mr. Edgar Margaryan
Mr. Craig Markarian (Spain)
Mr. & Mrs. Pakrad & Katrin Markarian (CA-USA)
Dr. Shant Markarian (MD-USA)
Dr. Arevik Markaryan (Russia)
Ms. Marine Maronian (CA-USA)
Dr. Nara Martirosyan (TX-USA)
Ms. Hasmik Matinyan (Germany)
Mr. Jerry Mekerdichian (CA-USA)
Mr. Philip Mekertichian (Australia) 
Mr. & Mrs. Vrej & Maida Mekhalian (CA-USA)
Mr. Harout Mekhitarian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. David & Margaret Mgrublian (CA-USA)
Ms. Nune Mikaelyan (TX-USA)
Mr. Argisht Minasyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Klaris Minasyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Victoria Minelian (CA-USA)
Miracles In Christ Ministries (CA-USA)
Mr. Greg Misakyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Ivan Miskdjian (Egypt)
Mr. Karen Mkhitaryan
Ms. Varsenik Mkrtchian (CA-USA)
Ms. Shushanik Mkrtchyan (CA-USA)
Dr. Aristakes Mnatsakanyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Richard Moore (AZ-USA)
Ms. Deanna Sevanian Morse in memory of Ara Sevanian (CO-USA)
Mr. Gegham Movses (CA-USA)
Ms. Ewa Mularczyk (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur & Rosemond Muncheryan (CA-USA)
Mr. Ara Muradyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Artyom Nahapetyan (TX-USA)
Dr. Artak Nalbandian (CA-USA)
Mr. Hovhannes Nalbandyan (Canada)
Mr. Henry Nazarbekian (CA-USA)
Mr. Nazaret Nazaretyan (Germany)
Mr. Razmik Nazari
Mr. Haik Nazarian (Germany)
Dr. Mark Nazarian (CA-USA)
Ms. Alla Nersesyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Sarkis Nikogosyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Ani Oganesian (CA-USA)
Mr. Suren Oganessian (FL-USA)
Mr. Grigoriy Oganisyan (Russia)
Mr. Victor Oganyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Sergey Serj Ohandjanyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Fahme Saeed Othman (CA-USA)
Ms. Hermineh Pakhanians (CA-USA)
Ms. Sona Panajyan 
Ms. Alisa Panosyan (CA-USA)
Dr. & Mrs. Leon & Karine Partamian (CA-USA)
Parts Runners
Mr. Arsen Paskevichyan 
Ms. Dianna Petrosyan (UK)
Ms. Diane Piranian (NY-USA)
Mr. Edgar Poghosyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Justin Pretorius (South Africa)
Mr. & Mrs. John & Gayane Pridjian (CA-USA)
Ms. Karoline Rostamiani (CA-USA)
Drs. Khodam Rostomian & Carmen Ohanian (CA-USA)
Mr. Sevak Rostomyan (Sweden)
Ms. Armine Rstuni (Germany)
Ms. Anahit Safaryan
Ms. Annie Safoian (CA-USA)
Ms. Gulnar Sahagian (MA-USA)
Dr. Avo Samuelian (NY-USA)
Mr. Tigran Samvelyan (CA-USA)
Dr. Ani Sargsyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Ruzanna Sargsyan (Armenia) 
Mr. Tigran Sargsyan
Mr. Gregory Sarkis (CA-USA)
Ms. Victoria Sarkisian (MI-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Margo Sarkissian (NV-USA)
Ms. Judith Saryan (MA-USA)
Savvy Skin 
Mr. & Mrs. Armen Sedrakian & Ruth Alahydoian (CA-USA)
Ms. Sona Sedrakian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Nazareth & Mariam Seferian (Armenia)
Mr. Steve Seidman
Ms. Tatevik Sekhposyan (TX-USA)
Mr. Arman Semerjian (CA-USA)
Mr. Pogos Sepoyan
Mr. Gor Serobyan (CA-USA)
Mr. David Shahbazian (NY-USA)
Ms. Anya Shahnazari (D.C.-USA) 
Mr. David Shakhramanov (FL-USA)
Ms. Nora Shamalian (CA-USA)
Ms. Lousine Shamamian
Dr. & Mrs. Mihran & Ani Shirinian (CA-USA)
Mr. Simon Simitian (CA-USA)
Mr. Joseph Simonian (MA-USA)
Mr. Kuljit Singh (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Armen & Susan Skenderian (MA-USA)
Mr. & Dr. Harout & Lena Soghomonian (CA-USA)
Ms. Jill Spendjian (PA-USA)
St. Mary's Armenian Church ACYO (CA-USA)
Ms. Aykui Stamboltsyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Richard Surabian (CA-USA)
Dr. Julie Kulhanjian Strauch (CA-USA)
Mr. Karapet Sungulyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Grisha Tahmasian (CA-USA)
Mr. Ara Tanielian (CA-USA)
Dr. Aram Tanielian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Serj & Angela Tankian (CA-USA)
Mr. Haik Tashchyan 
Ms. Lory Tatoulian (CA-USA)
Mr. Vatche Tavitian
Mr. Nick Tebelekian
Mr. Michael Ter-Sahakyan (Armenia)
Ms. Ani Tomola-Grigoryan (VA-USA)
Mr. Harout Topsacalian (NJ-USA)
Ms. Margarita Torosian Sherman (Rep. of Georgia)
Mr. John Toulmin in honor of Julie Kulhanjian & Roger Strauch (MA-USA)
Ms. Scout Tufankjian (NY-USA)
Ms. Anna Astvatsaturova Turcotte (ME-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Nina Turpanjian (CA-USA)
Ms. Liana Tutkhalyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Adela Ulloa
USC Armenian Student Association (CA-USA)
Ms. Syuzanna Vahanyan 
Mr. & Mrs. Harutun Vaporciyan (MI-USA)
Mr. Menua Setrak Vartanes (CA-USA)
Dr. Armen Vartany (CA-USA)
Mr. Pargev Varzhapetyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Vahram Varzhapetyan (Canada)
Mr. Cole Voynick (NC-USA)
World Bank-Internation Monetary Fund- Armenia Club (D.C.-USA)
Ms. Elise Yacoubian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ohannes & Zevart Yacoubian (TN-USA)
Mr. George Yaghoubian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Nejde & Lilit Yaghoubian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. David & MaryAnn Yaldezian (CA-USA)
Mr. Mario Yazidjian
Ms. Anahid Yeremian (CA-USA)
Mr. Serob Yeritsyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Artem Yesayants
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice & Hilda Yotnegparian (CA-USA)
Ms. Celine Zakaryan 
Ms. Ani Zargarian
Mr. Pedro Zarokian (Armenia) 
Mr. Alfred Zohrabian (UK)
In honor of Ms. Nairi Turbian & John Balian Jr.'s Birthdays
Mr. & Mrs. Cengiz Ertekin & Juliet Kazanjian (NJ-USA)
Ms. Virginia Karakas (NJ-USA)
Mr. Nikos Kolivodiakos
Mr. & Mrs. Asadur & Mina Mirek (NJ-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Barbara Rudzewick (NY-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Sevan & Rita Semerciyan (NJ-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ara Zadourian & Eileen Karakashian (NJ-USA)

In honor of Mr. Vartan Marashlyan's Birthday
Mr. Armen Galstyan
Ms. Narine Hagopian
Mr. Arthur Martirosyan
Mr. Artur Engibaryan
Mr. Ashot Khalatyan
Ms. Nune Asatryan
Mr. Emil Ashikyan

In honor of the Dahlberg/Hillman wedding
Fr. & Mrs. Sarkis &  Talin Petoyan (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Mary Tateosian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. John & Paula Boghossian (CA-USA)
Mr. Steven Cherezian (CA-USA)
Ms. Caroline Avedian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Naiyry Sarkiss (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Deborah Lucchesi (CA-USA)
Mr. Hagop Koujakian (CA-USA)
Ms. Helen Manougian (CA-USA)
Ms. Mildred Jardarian (CA-USA)
Ms. Rita Takvorian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe & Zaruhi Marzbetuny (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Antranik & Hasmig Cingoz (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Armen & Rita Bagdasarian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Zareh & Armine Marzbetuny (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Garo & Aida Mirigian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Nejde & Lilit Yaghoubian (CA-USA)
Ms. Lynn Yaghoubian (CA-USA)
Ms. Judith White (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Setrak & Anoush Maghdissian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Araxi Bezdjian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Mary Gaule (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph & Elise Kazanjian (CA-USA)
Ms. Hrantouhi Kaprielian (CA-USA)

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