Project: Purchase a Home I (Completed)

June 2015
June 21, 2015
June 5, 2015
Project Name Purchase a Home I
Full Description

Following the 1988 Spitak Earthquake, tens of thousands of people were left homeless in the City of Gyumri. Many of these families took refuge in the overseas shipping containers (domiks) that were shipped into Armenia loaded with humanitarian relief supplies, or in condemned buildings. An entire generation of children has grown up in deplorable conditions, often times with no running water and little or no heat. The Armenian government has provided most of the families that lost their homes in the Earthquake with new housing units.

As people moved out of those makeshift housing units, others moved in. The 2,500 or so families that remain are Gyumri's desolate families, who are not in line to receive a government provided apartment. Many of these families are comprised of single mothers, multiple children and/or the disabled.

This project will identify suitable needy families who can be moved into a new apartment and can demonstrate that they can afford their monthly utilities, etc. This is a sustainable model in that families that have been moved into permanent housing in the past have had a high degree of success maintaining their families and their new homes.

Once the move is complete, the make shift housing unit will be destroyed to prevent its future occupancy.


2,500 families live in the city of Gyumri in temporary, make shift housing. These units are neither safe nor sanitary. These families and their children need a normal apartment in which to live.

Category Humanitarian
Start Date Open
duration One month to secure apartment
Region Shirak
City/Village Gyumri
Partner/s Shirak Center, NGO
Sponsor/s Open to the public
Project Budget $19,000
Amount Needed $0
Short Term Impact A pre-approved family will immediately benefit with a new home. The make shift housing unit which they currently occupy will be destroyed.
Long Term Impact In addition to this family and their improved mental state changing through the fact that they will be living in a normal housing situation, the city of Gyumri itself will improve with the removal of these make shift housing units.
Sponsor Benefit All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on the Paros 100 website.

Living Conditions

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Thank you to the following sponsors for their support of this project:

Mr. Robert Davidian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Harut & Rosine Der-Tavitian (CA-USA)
Ms. Rose Ketchoyan (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Lucy Yaldezian (CA-USA)

Anonymous (CA-USA)
Anonymous (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Razmik & Suzanne Abnous (CA-USA)
Dr. & Mrs. Varoujan & Lena Altebarmakian (CA-USA)
Catherine & Lauren Conrow (CA-USA)
Mr. Diran Depanian (CA-USA)
Mr. Barry Garapedian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Viken & Ani Garabedian (CA-USA)
Mr. Edward Godoshian (CA-USA)
Mr. Vahram Gurjian (NY-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Shahen & Arax Hairapetian (CA-USA)
Ms. Pauline Harian (MA-USA)
Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Aram & Marianne Kaloosdian(MA-USA)
Aram, Arek & Haig Kedeshian (CA-USA)
Ms. Nancy R. Kolligian (MA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. David & Margaret Mgrublian (CA-USA) 2014
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Susan Pogharian (PA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Ludmila Sahakian (PA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Zareh & Hasmig Samurkashian (CA-USA)
Mr. Richard Tashjian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Nina Turpanjian (CA-USA)
Nejde & Lilit (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Cynthia Norian (CA-USA)
Ms. Kathryn Walters (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. David & MaryAnn Yaldezian (CA-USA)
Ms. Mary Zoryan in Memory of Marc Tognozzi (CA-USA)


Mr. & Mrs. Hamazasb & Hourik Abajian
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Linda Abbey-In Memory of Kenneth James Partoyan (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Jilber & Katherine Altinok (MI-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck & Peggy Barsam (CA-USA)
Mr. Diran Depanian (CA-USA)
Mr. Eric Hacopian (CA- USA)
Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian (CA-USA)
Mr. Nerses Kazanjian (NJ-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Rosemary Kondy (CA-USA)
Ms. Deborah Shadovitz (USA)

This project needs $0 to be fully implemented.

Sponsor Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on the Paros 100 website.

Purchase a Home Project II Completed