Project: Debi Arach Children's Center- Gyumri (Completed)
April 27, 2015. Opening
April 27, 2015. Opening
April 27, 2015. Opening
April 23 2015, Tree of Hearts
April 20 2015, Shoes
March 2015, Backyard
April 2015, the first meeting with parents
April 2015, ready to go!
April 2015, kitchen
April 2015, backyard
March 2015, electronics
March 2015, Backyard
March 2015, Furniture
March 2015, stairs
March 2015, renovations
Distribution of firewood in gyumri, Nov. 2013
Living Conditions
Project Name Debi Arach Children's Center- Gyumri
Full Description

The residents of Gyumri, Armenia's second largest city have endured very devastating realities. The tragic 1988 Spitak Earthquake claimed the lives of 25,000 people and left more than 100,000 residents homeless, and plagued with unemployment and rampant poverty for years to come. In turn, the fate of children in Gyurmi has also been affected. Dealing with the difficulty of finding means to feed and care for their families, many parents are unable to provide their children with the proper guidance, supervision and the financial resources for them to excel in school and have a successful future. Families struggling with these extreme conditions must often place their children in one of several orphanages to try to have their daily needs met.

The Debi Arach Children's Center, which in Armenian means "moving forward," will help these socially vulnerable children by providing them with the support and guidance they need to succeed in life. Through sponsorship of this important project The Paros Foundation, will establish a children's center providing the necessary academic, psychological, social and humanitarian support to ensure that the children mature to well adjusted, successful, young adults.

The new center will provide 100 students with opportunities to receive counseling, homework help and tutoring along with English, Math, Art/Design, and Computer classes. Additionally, a well-balanced and nutritious meal will be provided daily. The Center, which will be open six days a week, will be able to serve two groups of 50 students for three days each per week.

In order to address another very important need for children in Gyumri, supervised bathing facilities will be available for the children's use. Each child attending the center will be able to use the showers twice a week should they desire. Strict supervision will be assigned in order to ensure the privacy and safety of the children.

Furthermore, the municipality of Gyumri has agreed to partner with us on this important project and provide us with long term and rent-free space to house this new program. The current program budget reflects only the one-time startup and annual operational costs.


Thousands of children in Gyumri are living in extreme poverty, with no hope for a decent future. These socially vulnerable children are in need of a safe and enriching environment where they can receive additional guidance through social, psychological and academic support giving them a chance to break their cycle of poverty. The children's center will provide these children with the opportunity to attend afterschool and summer school programs providing them with the additional skills necessary for a successful future.

Additionally, these children suffer from malnutrition and related illnesses due to a lack of well-balanced meals. The center will provide each child with a nutritious meal everyday, helping them receive the calories and/or nutrients they need.

Furthermore, many families were forced to take refuge in overseas shipping containers (domiks), or in condemned buildings after the devastating 1988 Spitak Earthquake or due to their poor socioeconomic status. An entire generation of children have grown up in deplorable conditions, often times with no running water and little or no heat to take showers. The Center will address this very important hygienic need by providing the children in attendance with supervised new bathing facilities.

Category Educational-Development-Humanitarian
Start Date Three months after funding is received
duration One year from the start date (ongoing)
Region Shirak
City/Village Gyumri
Partner/s City of Gyumri
Sponsor/s Open to the public
Project Budget $82,670
Amount Needed $0
Short Term Impact The short-term 100 children will receive immediate support and gudacne to help them succeed. The new Center will offer nutritious meals, counseling opportunities, homework aid and tutoring and core classes including English, Computer, Art/Design, and Math. Additionally, new bathing facilities will be constructed and ready for use by the children. An entire staff of 11 individuals including an administrative staff and instructors will be immediately employed to help instruct and oversee these courses. Additional employment opportunities will be created for the residents of Gyurmri for both the start-up and operational phases of the program.
Long Term Impact In the long term, with the success of the Center's current offerings, additional classes and programs will be added and attendance will rise. This project has the potential of impacting the lives of hundreds of socially vulnerable children by helping them gain the guidance and support they need in order to create greater future opportunities, and become successful individuals and good citizens. Through the ongoing employment opportunities created, several families will receive a fair wage.
Sponsor Benefit Your donation to sponsor the establishment of the Debi Arach Children's Center in Gyumri will be recognized with a plaque at the Center and on the Center's website and in their printed materials. Your name will also be listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will proudly arrange a visit to the new Center when you are in Armenia.



Thank you to the following sponsor(s) for their support of this project:

Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Nayad Nersesyan (CA-USA)
Mrs. Ani Vartanian Boladian (CA-USA) 
Mr. Razmig Boladian (CA-USA)
Mr. Roger Strauch (CA-USA)
Mr. Steven Derderian (MA-USA)
Mr. Todd Papazian (CA-USA)
St. James Armenian Church Memorial Fund (CA-USA)
Mr. Stepan Cannuscio (PA-USA)
Knights of Vartan Ardaz Lodge (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. David &Christine Balabanian (CA-USA)
Dadourian Foundation (NY-USA)
Fund for Armenian Relief (Armenia)
Organization of Developmental Services for Armenia (CA-USA) 
Mrs. Perouz Harutyunian in Memory of Harutyun Harutyunian (CA-USA)
Donations in honor of Ani Vartanian Boladian's Birthday
Ms. Mollie Ricker (CA-USA)
Mr. Alexander Rosen (CA-USA)
Mr. Luke Seufferlein (CA-USA)
Donations in honor of Anna Dermenchyan's Birthday
Ms. Nasim Afsarmanesh (CA-USA)
Ms. Kymberly Aoki (CA-USA)
Ms. Anush Arakelyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Zoe Armas (CA-USA)
Ms. Silva Arzunyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Silva Atalaryan (CA-USA)
Ms. Haleh Bafekr (CA-USA)
Ms. Vanuhi Bagramyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Suzette Cardin Barden (CA-USA)
Ms. Noel Boyle (CA-USA)
Ms. Nektar Chamchyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Mara Collins (CA-USA)
Ms. Shelly Cote (CA-USA)
Ms. Anna Dermenchyan (CA-USA)
Mr. Hovannes Dermenchyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Gaiane Doubinina (CA-USA)
Ms. Claire Durand (CA-USA)
Ms. Charlene Earnhardt (CA-USA)
Ms. Antonia Farrugia (CA-USA)
Ms. Jean Gima (CA-USA)
Ms. Diana Soriano Gomez (CA-USA)
Ms. Nune Grigorian (CA-USA)
Mr. Dave Hanson (CA-USA)
Ms. Sona Hovsepian (CA-USA)
Ms. Nazanin Izadpanah (CA-USA)
Ms. Tianne Larson (CA-USA)
Ms. Sun-Yung Lee (CA-USA)
Ms. Nancy Loos (CA-USA)
Ms. Taline Marcarian (CA-USA)
Ms. Naira Martirosyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Stacy Meyer (CA-USA)
Ms. Carmen Saravia Mora (CA-USA)
Ms. Aram Namavar (CA-USA)
Ms. Sarah Neyssani (CA-USA)
Ms. Maria Kristina Ngo (CA-USA)
Ms. Ellen Oganesyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Shake Ovasapyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Jennifer Perisho (CA-USA)
Mr. Michael Petran (CA-USA)
Ms. Armine Pogosian (CA-USA)
Mr. Luis Sandoval  (CA-USA)
Ms. Ani Shabazian (CA-USA)
Ms. Armine Shishikyan (CA-USA)
Teza Technologies (IL-USA)
Ms. Vardui Tumanyan (CA-USA)
Ms. Arlene J. Aaronian (CA-USA)
Anonymous (MA-USA) 
Ms. Adrienne Alexanian (NY-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Lori Alonso (NY-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Charlene Asdourian (CA-USA)
Dr. Ernest Barsamian & Ms. Sonig Kradjian (MA-USA)
Mrs. Louise Bedrosian (CA-USA)
Mr. Paul Bedrosian (MA-USA)
Mr. Paul Boghosian (MA-USA)  
Mr. & Mrs. Avedis & Houry Boyamian (MA-USA)
Mr & Mrs. Sarko & Hilda Cherekdjian (CA-USA)
Ms. Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut (CA-USA)
Mr. John Doumanian (IL-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Souren & Susan Etyemezian (MA-USA)
Dr. Shant Garabedian (TN-USA)
Mr. Eric Hacopian (CA-USA)
Mr. Nick Hacopian (CA-USA)
Jack M. & Eva A. Medzorian Foundation (MA)
John Mirak Foundation (MA)
Mr. & Mrs. Vasken & Patty Kalaydjian (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. Dro & Lynn Kanayan (MA)
Ms. Isgouhi Kassakhian (CA)
Mr. Nerses Kazanjian (NJ)
Aram, Arek & Haig Kedeshian (CA)
Ms. Claire Kedeshian (NY)
Mr. Kevin Kestekyan (CA)
Ms. Nancy R. Kolligian (MA-USA)  
Mr. Caro Minas (CA)
Ms. Carolyn Mugar (MA)
Dr. & Mrs. Allen & Wendy Nalbandian(CA)
Ozcan Jewelers (MA) 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry & Hripsime Parsekian (MA)
Mr. Daron Pogharian (CA)
Mrs. Joy Renjilian (MA)
Mrs. Patricia Samarge (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Lisa Sansone (MI)
Mr. Robert Semonian (MA)
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Janis Seraydarian (CA)
Mrs. Charles Talanian (MA) 
Mr. Richard L. Weil Jr. (MA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ohannes & Zevart Yacoubian (TN)
Mr. Robert Mugar Yacubian (MA)

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Sponsor Benefits
Your donation to sponsor the establishment of the Debi Arach Children's Center in Gyumri will be recognized with a plaque at the Center and on the Center's website and in their printed materials. Your name will also be listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will proudly arrange a visit to the new Center when you are in Armenia.