Project: Agriculture Assistance, Baghanis (In Progress)
Project Name Agriculture Assistance, Baghanis
Full Description Several villages in the Tavush region of Armenia are bordering Azerbaijan. Residents in these border villages live and work under a constant risk of sniper fire and renewed armed conflict each day. The economy of the villages and the livelihood of many of its residents have suffered due to these difficult and dangerous times. It is of strategic importance to support these villagers in their daily lives so that they may remain inhabitants of these villages, mere footsteps from Azerbaijan. Currently home to 286 households and 955 people, the village of Baghanis was established in the fifth century and is situated in the Tavush region of Armenia. The village is adjacent to the Republic of Azerbaijan, sharing a 2 km-long border. Today, the residents make a living by farming and tending to their livestock. The village is actively working to improve the quality of life for its residents. To help reduce harvesting costs, the village is in need of farming equipment.

The harvesting of hay and feed for animals is time sensitive. If the feed and grass is cut and gets wet, livestock will not eat it. Additionally, farmers currently struggle to pay the market rate to have hay baled for the winter. A tractor and baler maintained by the village would be able to provide baling and other agriculture services to the village farmers at a below market rate, thus helping improve economic conditions for all farmers. Sponsorship of this project will help the village obtain this equipment necessary to provide needy villagers with the opportunity to care for their families and to help improve the village's economy.
Need Currently farmers in border villages are barely making ends meet. In Baghanis most farmers do not own their own farming equipment including tractors and balers and are dependent on other villages. The window for harvesting is short, thus making it difficult for farmers to contract harvesting services.
Category Development
Start Date Immediately
duration Two months from start date
Region Tavush
City/Village Baghanis
Sponsor/s Open to the public
Project Budget $18,500
Amount Needed $0
Short Term Impact In the short term the village will obtain a tractor and a hay baler in excellent condition and will be able to use them immediately for farming and municipal projects. Furthermore, one addition job will be created for the villagers.
Long Term Impact In the long term, farmers will pay a lower amount for harvesting and related agricultural services, hence improving their lives and increasing their income. This will help deter emigration from the village. 
Sponsor Benefit All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on The Paros Foundation website. Visits to the families can be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.



Thank you to the following sponsors for their support of this project:

Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Valerie Cherchian (WI-USA)
Ms. Hripsime Hamstra (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Ruth Sokol (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Berge & Arpine Ayvazian, Ayvazian-Daghlian Family Charitable Trust (MA-USA)

John Mirak Foundation (MA-USA)
Anonymous (MA-USA)
Dr. John Aljian (NJ-USA)
Dr. Sylvie Khorenian (NJ-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Juliette Abdulian (CA-USA)
Ms. Pauline Harian (MA-USA)
Mr. Levon Der Bedrossian (CA-USA)
Mr. & Mrs. David & MaryAnn Yaldezian (CA-USA)

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Sponsor Benefits
All sponsors will be recognized on all relevant press regarding this project and on The Paros Foundation website. Visits to the families can be arranged for sponsors visiting Armenia.