Vanadzor Music School

The Tigran Chukhajyan Art school (formerly Vanadzor Music School #3) was established in 1969 through the efforts of Eduard Kzartmian. Originally it was located on the ground floor of a residential building and had a total of seven classrooms. The school eventually became one of the best in the Lori Region of Armenia and began attracting more and more students every year. In 1984 the school was relocated to a larger building and underwent major reconstruction to accommodate 500 students. It was transformed into an exemplary academic facility with large classrooms and auditoriums.

The 1988 Gyumri earthquake seriously damaged the school and students had to relocate to a temporary location. The make-shift building did not have proper heating or lighting. Leaks from the roof resulted in further deterioration of the building. The musical instruments were damaged because of water the lack of proper storage facilities. Only 26 pianos, 1 violin and 2 cellos were able to be used at the Vanadzor Musical School. However, despite all these difficulties students continued their classes and participated in regional music competitions receiving awards.

In September of 2001 Armenia Fund Inc. adopted the Vanadzor School project through a joint financing agreement with the Arshak II Opera Committee. Both the Arshak II Opera Committee and Armenia Fund Inc. acknowledged the significance of this joint mission to fund the reconstruction and the refurnishing of the school.

On September 8, 2001 the Arshak II Opera Committee held a sold-out Gala and allocated proceeds to the reconstruction of the School. The Gala proceeds of approximately $250,000 were partially used in the joint efforts for the reconstruction of the School and the rest for the future maintenance. The funds were also used to purchase critically needed musical instruments, student aid, and teacher compensation.

The Paros Foundation maintains regular communication with the School and its staff to assist the San Francisco Armenian-American community with issues related to the School and its operation.

The Paros Foundation regularly inspects the physical facility and recommends needed repairs and improvements to the San Francisco Committee for funding. Past maintenance issues that have been completed under the Foundation’s guidance includes replacement of the central boiler, repair of the stage walls, repairs to the basement to contend with moisture issues, work to the outside of the building, painting of all the windows, and repair of student desks.

The Paros Foundation works with the School’s Staff to secure needed equipment and musical instruments for the School and students, and makes funding recommendations to the San Francisco Committee. A high quality copy machine was purchased for the School under the recommendation of the Foundation as well as a baby grand piano, two violins, a guitar, flutes and several traditional Armenian instruments including kanoons, kamanches and duduks.

The Paros Foundation works with the Music School Staff to recommend scholarship requests to the San Francisco Committee. Currently one-half of the scholarships are awarded on merit and one-half on financial need.

The Paros Foundation works to promote the Tigran Chukhajyan Art school and an exemplary example of Armenia’s talent and potential to visitors to Vanadzor and the Lori Region. The Foundation’s goal is to help the School find additional sponsors to aid with student expenses related to additional scholarships, individual travel to and participation in international competitions and their continuing education.

The Paros Foundation is looking for sponsors to assist with the following:

$150 sponsorship to underwrite the tuition of a student's music lessons for one year. Sponsors will be listed on the School’s website.

$250 sponsorship to allow a student's participation in a regional music competition. Sponsors will be listed on the School’s website and all related press releases.

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