The Manana Youth Center

The Manana Youth Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1995. The Center began its activities literally with no resources. It began in a one-room apartment where the first classes took place on the floor. There was no in-kind or financial support, and no expectations of any. With a deep awareness of the importance of this new undertaking, and the sheer enthusiasm of the teachers, a cutting edge multimedia training center was born. The Center’s most valuable resource today is its talented and devoted members, volunteers, parents, and students, whose numbers grow each year.

Manana’s mission is to create the ideal environment for the overall intellectual development of children, building upon their foundation for happy, healthy and safe lives.

To realize our mission, we follow four guiding principles:

Promote a modern educational system, which will expand a child's scope of thinking.

Create literature, works of art, media, radio and television programs, films, and educational games for children.

Creative, unprejudiced thinking among the youth.

Promote professional and civic responsibility among the youth.

In 2007, The Paros Foundation partnered with The Tufenkian Foundation to support the work of the Manana Youth Center. The Paros Foundation provides rent free, modern office space to the Manana Youth Center with the strong belief that a proper environment contributes to the cultivation of creative and intellectual abilities. The Foundation also provided more than $22,500 in Organization support in 2009. The Foundation has also sponsored the redesign and redevelopment of website.

Please support the creative and intellectual development of Armenia’s children by helping sponsor this important organization:

$150 to sponsor a one year scholarship for a needy child to enable them to participate in Manana's multimedia educational program.

$750 to sponsor an exhibition of Manana Youth Center Photos in Yerevan. Sponsors will be listed on the Manana Youth Center's website, in all press materials related to the event, and at the event itself.

$1,500 to sponsor the production of a documentary film. Sponsors will be listed on the Manana Youth Center's website and at the end of the film.

For more information about these sponsorship opportunties, please us at, or to donate now, click here.

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